The large format printing plays an important part in promoting a brand or a product on a large scale. The digital posters are likely to grab most of the attraction as they auto- flip the papers in order to display various posters and information in a single frame. The floor graphics also makes it exciting for the customer and visitors and one never forget to notice a floor graphic while watching the steps. Floor graphics can either be installed for a long term use or for a short term purpose. Long term use contains the use at the car showroom where they display the brand name or the logo etc. and short term use are mostly during the festive seasons when the owners need to advertise the discounts and offers provided by the company.

The malls and the movie theatres also have such temporary floor graphics in order to promote a brand and offers and at the same time it enhances the colorful look in the festive seasons. Especially in malls there are showrooms all around and displaying huge posters and banner stands actually tends to put a doom on the nearby showrooms and hence floor graphics are much friendlier in such cases. There are various other advantages of having floor graphics that are listed below.

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  • Durable but easily removable- floor graphics are subjected to wear heavy load and continuous footsteps attack and still remain intact and at the same time they can be removed easily when so ever needed by the installer.
  • Slip resistant- glossy papers and laminated sheets are subjected to get slippery. But at it is made sure that the floor graphics are slip resistant so as to avoid any accidents.
  • Silver backing- provides the floor graphics with the silver backing property so that it can block any underlying images. This makes the graphics a great idea to upgrade the names of a brand or it logo. This feature also makes the floor graphics a good option to be used for temporary need.

Along with all the above mentioned features and properties provides the users with the ease of ordering huge floor graphics with an additional file setup. The proofs are shown in half sizes because of the limitation of machine but even then one can easily understand the exact size by filling up the form that contains all the properties that a floor graphic can ever have.