Every year we get to see different types of theme, design, styles, and decoration pertaining to cakes, regardless of whether they are just cupcakes or wedding cakes. Here we will highlight the latest wedding cakes trends that we are all set to see in the current year 2015. Come wedding season and bakeries start doing brisk business and dole out different recipes and themes for cakes.

Prior to the wedding season every bakery strives hard to attract attention each trying to outdo the other and retain or get a whole new list of clients or retain the existing ones with their lip smacking and multi flavored cakes and novelty items.

Passion for Purple Cakes

Experts are of the opinion that the color purple will rule the wedding cake scenario this year. It is being observed that more and more couples are ordering for purple themed or colored cake for their weddings. Essential intricacies that accompany the purple cake this season include the following-

  • Edges that are ruffled
  • Ombre color effect
  • Sugar crafted decorative items
  • Florist paste made of sugar

Once you select the toppings and the decoration ingredients, you can decorate the cake with the Mr. and Mrs. Text that will appear on the top of the cake, preferably on the topmost tier. As far as decorating this text is concerned, your options are endless. You can use glitters and sparkles that will complement the purple color of the cake. To find out more about the purple cakes, you can visit the website of http://studiocakes.com.au/.

Gravity Defying Cakes

One of the better known and latest wedding cakes trends of 2015 are the gravity defying cakes. Ideally, if you can design the cake giving it the much acclaimed “vintage” artwork design and style, it is rest assured that your baker will earn accolades for the same. Also, these gravity defying cakes were very popular even in the year 2014 and most of the bakeries around the world are expecting that the trend will spill over this year too. Bakers around the world have defied the traditional structure of the cake and the multilayered tiers to show their work of art and have made cakes with unusual structures that have very intricately designed bases and unique structures attached to them. The ideal color of these gravity defying cakes is turquoise, grey, and blue (indigo). Depending on the theme and the occasion, you can opt for other colors too.

Color Trend of Cake- Peach

It is being anticipated that this year is the color of peach as well as pink. Most of the people are opting for hues of pink and peach for their theme cakes and parties. And it won’t be wrong to say that these tones (warmer tones of pink and peach) are associated with summer or a spring wedding. Place your order for the unique cakes, regardless of whether it is your wedding, a party, or a wedding engagement announcement at http://studiocakes.com.au/order-cakes/. You can also request for customized wedding cakes to suit the occasion and the individual preferences of taste and flavor.