Business users need to be able to see what is happening in their business at any point in time and they need to have that information delivered fast and reliably.

What is BI?

BI stand for “business intelligence.” In the world of big data, being able to view all that data in one place is invaluable to companies. BI tools for managers and business users can accomplish that task.

Most organizations have a plethora of data scattered throughout the organization. To get real-time data to decide whether your department needs to hire another person or lay people off, you might need to run several reports and log in to several different systems to access those reports. Business intelligence tools pull all that data together and present it in a clean, easy to read format.

Because managers need to make decisions instantly, they need instant access to data.

Knowing Information For BI Software

A dashboard is a “summary” of all the areas of your business. The dashboard is customizable as not all users need to see the same summarized information. Different data can be displayed depending on how that data is going to be used. You can also customize the dashboard depending on the role of the person viewing the dashboard.

Business intelligence and dashboard reporting are accomplished by connecting to multiple systems across your organization, no matter where your data lives. Business intelligence enables you to access all your company systems, saving you valuable time.

While reports can provide decision makers with some very important information, sometimes that level of detail isn’t necessary to make an informed business decision. Managers and company executives can always dig deeper later.

What else can BI software do?

Besides providing an instant picture of what is going on in your business right now with the dashboard view, business intelligence tools can help you forecast. You can perform company wide analytics, forecast projected sales, look at past performance, and determine whether certain standards are being met.

BI encompasses all aspects of your business. BI tools help make business management faster and easier. Companies such as Domo can help you get there.