The beginning of a new relationship is often filled with thrill and excitement where you can’t get enough of each other. But as it grows it tends to fall into a routine of comfort and existing together. How do you recapture those feelings you had when you first met and continually build on your relationship and keep the fire alive?

It’s important to build on your relationship and become good friends and partners in life. But don’t neglect your sex life, as this is one of the main reasons why couples fall apart. By encouraging the chemistry between you and your man you will also be helping the rest of your relationship. Below are some tips on bringing back the romance.

Set Aside Couple Time

In our busy lives we often forget our partners. Working, cleaning and Facebook, there always a reason to not have couple time. Try setting aside a night of the week to spend with your partner. Whether this is a dinner date night or cuddling up on the couch, make time to reconnect. Make sure you don’t allow technology to disrupt you. That means no social media or work.


Roleplaying is one of the simplest and effective ways for bringing back a bit of chemistry in your relationship. It takes you out of the daily routine and let you pretend to be someone else for a while. You can also play out any fetishes you may have.

Keeping The Chemistry Alive

Accept Them, All Of Them

We all have things we like or don’t like. To maintain a healthy relationship you must be comfortable enough to be open about all aspect of your life, including your sex life. Talk about your fetishes and try experimenting. You don’t have to go all the way, just do what you’re comfortable with. Not everyone has shades of grey fetishes. A lot of people get excited over simple things like feet, fishnets or keeping their partners used panties as a memento. Although this may seem weird to you it is more common than you may think. Many guys like to keep their partners used panties as a reminder of an intimate occasion.


Experimentation, in and out of bed, is what will grow your relationship. Maybe they want to try a new position, roleplaying or a new cafe. It is important to try new things with your partner as this allows you to build new memories with them. Also the more open your relationship is the stronger it becomes. By experimenting news things with your partner you are saying you accept them, their used panties fetish, and their chocolate addiction.

Talk To Each Other

Make time to talk about your goals as an individual and as a couple. Doing this will make sure that you are still on the same page and wanting to work towards the same goals. Lowering the chances of disappointment and dissatisfaction.

These are just some suggestions; the main thing is to remember why you were with them to begin with and be grateful that you still have each other. When you love someone you will find a way to make your relationship work.