There is increasing demand from healthcare tech developers and those suffering from chronic conditions for fast tracked approval of devices which facilitate self-monitoring behaviours and radically alter the outlook for many patients.

Healthcare Tech Trackers That Are Saving Lives

AliveCor: Google exec Vic Gundotra was inspired to advance into the field of healthcare technology after his father was diagnosed with serious heart problems. Gundotra went on to develop AliveCor, a system which syncs a wristband to the Apple watch or to a smartphone and produces an ECG which can detect cardiac abnormalities like atrial fibrillation.

Atrial fibrillation is a leading cause of stroke, but is often overlooked because it is asymptomatic. The AliveCor Kardia band could change all that, because it allows patients to continuously monitor their own cardiac health and detect signs of AF before it leads to a crisis.

It is estimated that around 14 million deaths are caused each year from stroke and heart disease, and atrial fibrillation alone costs the NHS around £2.2 billion a year to treat. It is understandable that clinicians, patients and healthcare bodies are extremely excited about technology which could eliminate many of these deaths and save vast quantities of taxpayer money each year.

Regulatory Approval: The Kardia band has received regulatory approval for use in detecting atrial fibrillation, and clinicians can now use the tool for diagnostic purposes. It has other functions, however, which can spot different sorts of abnormalities. AliveCor are collaborating with clinical trial services from the Mayo Clinic to determine whether the Kardia system could be used to detect potassium deficiency from ECGs, which could mean an end to labour intensive blood tests.

Companies like who are involved with the organisation and implementation of clinical trials will be keen to get on board with the exciting new wave of participative healthcare technology research. The Kardia app is only one of many device enabled healthcare trackers.

Dexcom is an app which enables diabetes patients to track their blood sugar, producing results in seconds which can determine whether or not they are managing their condition effectively. This tool has clincal approval for use in diabetes management. There are also devices and apps which help patients with COPD to control and manage their own care. Healthcare tracking devices enable people to participate in and take responsibility for their own wellbeing and find here information about homeopathy beauty medicine at