Over the years, hundreds and thousands of studies have been conducted on teas around the world. And today, most of the researchers conclude that drinking tea isn’t just rejuvenating, it offers protection against a wide range of diseases. In fact, even the herbal infusions (which are called teas but are actually Tisanes) provide a range of health benefit that humans shouldn’t ignored. But buying teas in India or anywhere else in the world can be difficult, especially if you are new to the tea drinking regime or haven’t tried a number of flavors. Read this quick buyer’s guide to know how to buy, brew and drink the best tea.

Black Tea

When it comes to black tea, prefer buying products from a brand that offers complex Darjeeling (India) tea. These tries are slightly spicy and have overtones of grape and almond. Their Chinese counterparts tend to be earthier. Make sure that you steep them in boiling water for three to five minutes.

Tea Buyers’ Guide

Green Tea

Green tea is a fresh, invigorating metabolism booster. Try it in simple or spiced mixes

For Green Teas, opt for brands that offer Chinese or freshly grown teas. The taste you should be looking for must have a vegetal, mildly grassy flavor and maybe a slight astringent feel afterwards. Avoid over-steeping the brews or they may turn bitter.

Herbal Tea

If you have fondness for a particular herbal or fruit tea, then these kinds of teas are perfect for you. One of the most popular flavor in these teas is Cranberry Apple Infusion Tea, which offers the sweetness of cranberry filled with cool notes of apples. Otherwise, you can opt for Chamomile tea, which has a flowery, invigorating taste, apple like notes and berry like flavors. Hibiscus teas are a perfect addition for those who want a dose of Vitamin-C

Tea Buyers’ Guide

White Tea

Rare and expensive, these teas aren’t available widely. Buying white teas in India can be tough, but they can be purchased from a brand that offers light body, golden colored, pure tea flavor. The taste you should look for shouldn’t have astringency, but must have a hint of sweetness. Brew it in steaming water for no more than three minutes.

Spice Mixes

Sometimes, a tea just isn’t enough! A flavor doesn’t add the body that you are looking for. That’s when you need to buy a blend of tea and spices. These teas should only be purchased from a brand that has a presence in India. An example of such a tea would be Kashmiri Kahwa, which blends green tea with a sprinkle of spices such as cardamom.

So, which one are you going to buy?

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Ranjeeta Mundhra is a tea connoisseur and a master blender at Jay Tea. Her love for tea and different cultures keeps her busy. When she is not working, she likes to cook food, go dancing, and travel far and wide.