Playgrounds are a valuable part of growing up. Playing in these areas gives young people vital lessons in turn taking, co-operation, team work and even physics, whilst they’re hurtling around enjoying themselves. Keep your playground available whatever the weather by installing shelters.
Canopy Shelter
One thing that Britain has above virtually any country in the world is unpredictability when it comes to the weather. The monsoon style downpours that are almost guaranteed to fall on a bank holiday Monday are almost inevitably followed by baking hot days, with changeable weather often on the agenda. The UK must be the only country in the world where an acceptable symbol on a weather forecast is a cloud juxtaposed with rain and sun. Given the often inhospitable weather experienced in the UK, when it comes to using outside children’s facilities, playground shelters are often invaluable.

Keep the Weather at Bay

A well placed shelter within a playground can serve a number of purposes, from providing a dry area, where the worst of the rain can be kept off, to making a shady space to give respite from the hottest days; shelters can make an area more useful for more of the year. Whether to be used in schools or other spaces, shelters provide additional versatility.

In School Play Areas

When looking at a school play area, it is worth considering the age of the pupils, the amount of use an area could get and what the alternative arrangements could be if the weather was inclement. Many inner city schools have very small outside areas, which are absolutely necessary to be used during break times as well as PE lessons. This is most certainly the case in a city such as London, where local authorities increasingly need schools to squeeze their external spaces.

In other Spaces

Providing shade and shelter from the rain could make a massive difference to the use of municipal park and playground facilities. Not only would parents be more inclined to bring their children to the park, knowing that there would be a dry or shady place in which they could supervise, but the additional shelter could entice temporary food or drink vendors to seek permission to operate at the park on busy days.

Providing extra facilities in play areas makes the local community who use them feel both welcomed and valued. This will, of course, lead to more people using the facilities, ensuring they remain worth the funding that goes into the local recreational spaces.

Not just for Shelter

In addition to being used to provide shelter from the elements, it is possible to specify playground shelters that have a dual role, or even adapt the space underneath to create a feature zone. Why not use temporary seating and erect a stage at one end of your shelter to create an outdoor arena for summer concerts? Likewise, picnic tables or even classroom tables make for an interesting al fresco environment, suitable for both eating and learning. Companies such as CAD shelters can provide you with all the information you will need about installing a shelter.

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