Older houses offer a unique level of craftsmanship and charm. However, they also can give you the spooks when they make noises you cannot identify. You can calm your nerves and make any necessary home improvements by learning about the underlying causes of old homes’ most common mysterious noises.

Why Is My Old House Making So Much Noise & How Can I Get Peace?

Knocks and Creaks

When you are jarred awake by mystifying knocks and creaks in the middle of the night, you may wonder what is make the noise and what you can do to take care of it. Old homes may make knocking noises because of the ducts in your attic expanding with cool or hot air.

You can take care of this sound and repair any faulty duct work by hiring a professional HVAC contractor, like CB Lucas Heating & Air Conditioning. Such professionals can clean out the ducts and replace any lines that are leaking or full of holes.

Popping and Bubbling

The pops and bubbling sounds in your old home may be caused by sediment that has settled in the bottom of your hot water heater. It also may be the result of your main plumbing line being clogged or full of tree roots.

You should shut off the main water valve before inspecting for damages. Rather than make any repairs yourself, you should hire a professional plumber for this time consuming and complicated repair.

Banging Noises

Banging noises are often the result of loose fixtures either inside or outside of your home. Home improvement experts like Bob Vila suggest that you inspect your roof’s shingling, your window’s shutters, and your home’s vinyl siding for signs of damages.

You should also climb up on your roof to look for any tree branches that might be overhung and banging into the side or top of your house. You should then cut down the branch or tighten any loosened fixtures that you find.


When you hear whistles in the night, you should not worry that you have a tune happy ghost in your attic. Instead, look at your windows to see if any of your screens are loose.

Also check your chimney to find out if the flue is open. These causes are often the underlying explanations for why you might hear whistling in your old house.

Your old home may be spacious and comfortable in which to live. However, it can also drive you crazy with its weird noises. You can silence the sounds and make necessary home improvements by discovering the noises’ root causes.