Keep Expensive Items out of View

Most burglaries are done opportunistically so don’t tempt thieves. Keep expensive items such as large televisions, computers and other gadgets in places that can’t easily be seen through front windows. Try walking around the outside of your house and taking notice of what you can see through the windows.

If you can see those items, so can potential thieves. If you can move valuables out of sight then do so. If this is inconvenient then make sure that those windows are be covered.

Conceal External Wiring

Experienced burglars will look for opportunities to disconnect electricity so as to disable alarm systems and telephones before breaking in. Help to prevent this by concealing all external wiring. Some thieves will even capitalize on exposed wiring by stealing the wiring itself and selling it to copper dealers for the high price that copper is currently getting.

Cultivate A Secure Neighborhood Environment

The most secure neighborhoods are those that maintain good communication between households. Get to know your neighbors. Even if you don’t become good friends with everyone on the block you should at least have their contact information and be familiar enough to be comfortable contacting them in the case of an emergency or if something suspicious is happening in the neighborhood.

Keep Bushes Trimmed

Overgrown bushes, shrubs, trees and hedges are great hiding places for burglars. Many burglaries occur during broad daylight so the opportunity to hide out of view from the street and neighbors homes is a huge plus for crooks. Keep your yard well maintained and focus especially on areas around key access points.

A lot of us treat our garages like storage units, filling them up with old furniture, boxes, seasonal decorations and who knows what else. If our garages are full that means that we have to park our automobiles in the driveway or on the street, which is problematic for a couple reasons. First, that puts your car at risk of being broken into. Second, burglars will find it much easier to track when you are in your home if your primary mode of transportation is easily visible.

Advertise Your Security System

Many of us assume that getting a security system installed is sufficient in and of itself to keep the home safe. We forget that just having an alarm system doesn’t actually keep burglars out. It informs you immediately after a break in has occurred. That is important and helpful, of course, but your alarm system can be much more of an asset than that if you know how to use it.

Promote the fact that you have a security system. Most companies are happy to give you signs to place in the yard or front windows because it’s free advertising for them. Far from just doing the company a favor, however, these signs function as major deterrents to burglars. Put yourself in their shoes—if you had to pick between robbing a home with a security system or without, which would you choose? The answer is obvious and no burglar wants to get caught.

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