House invading pests, whether rodents, bugs or other creatures, infest all types of homes regardless of size, location or value. Pests are especially an issue during cold or wet seasons when they are more motivated to find shelter and food. If you’re experiencing a pest control issue, there are several different options that are available to you.

Keep Pests Out With Pest Control Techniques and Tools


There’s a range of traps on the market for pretty much any pest that can infiltrate your home. Traps range from snap traps for rats and mice, to glue traps that can trap rodents as well as spiders and other pests. Place traps close to the walls or in favorite pest nesting areas, like the basement or attic. Humane traps are also available that allow you to trap pests without killing them, and release them in an area away from your home.


Poisons are another option for controlling pests. Different poisons are designed to bait and kill different pests, so be sure to choose poison accordingly. Poisons should not be used or stored in areas that children or pets can access them. Before using a toxic product like pest poisons, always read and follow the directions carefully to prevent accident or illness.

Natural Options

If you have children or pets that sometimes roam your home unsupervised, you may want to consider a natural or organic safer option for pest control. Diatomaceous earth is one example of natural pet control. Diatomaceous earth can be spread around the perimeter of your home or dusted with a hand duster into the cracks and crevices where insects and spiders travel for best control.

Home Improvements

Household pests are resourceful when it comes to finding any small hole, crack or crevice to enter your home. In fact, mice can enter your home through a hole as small as a dime. Basic improvements to your home can help reduce the entry points, reducing or eliminating your pest population. Evaluate the exterior of your home. Feel around the walls for air flow or draft, signaling a potential entry point for pests. Simple weather conditioning treatments for your home, such as sealing windows and doors, can not only reduce your pest population, but can also help you save money on energy bills. You should also place screens on vents that are necessary for home operation, such as air vents.

Professional Services

If do it yourself options have been unsuccessful, or if you are uncertain how to control your specific pest problem, a professional pest control company can help. A professional can create a plan to both remove any pests currently in your home, as well as protect against future infestations.