Water pool is usually an adornment in the house and most people like to show off. However, if the latest trend is anything to go by, then hidden pools are going to make it big soon. This innovative design has generated a lot of buzz amongst homeowners and has become a sensation amongst many. They look like decorative patio when not in use and with just a flip of a switch they turn into a pool. Once you have finished using it, you can turn it back into the patio as before.

Why You Should Choose  Hidden Water Pools

Advantages of Hidden Water Pool

These kinds of pools have become a major attraction in homes, although the hidden water pools price is more than the usual ones. However, they offer a number of advantages to homeowners which are listed below:

  • Space Savers: If your property is not equipped to have a lot of disposable space, you can choose to install these pools. It will not just give you a chance to add a pool to the property, but you will also get a chance to have a patio at the same place!
  • Environment Friendly: Less number of chemicals are required to maintain the pH balance of these kinds of pools and therefore they are very environment friendly than the traditional pools.
  • Adjustable: The depth of the hidden swimming pool can be adjusted since it has a concrete base which can be either raised or lowered according to your liking. Since it is adjustable, you can make the depth either one inch or 6 feet deep.
  • Easy Maintenance: One of the biggest hassles of having a swimming pool is its maintenance. The cleaning, draining and re-filling requires too much effort. However, with the hidden swimming pools that is not the case; all these tasks can be done easily by simply pushing a few buttons.
  • Safety: If you have children, you would know that you would require a lot of safety precautions around the pool since there is always a scare of children falling inside the pool. Many times you might require having fences around the pools, especially if you have tiny tots at home. However, this is not the case with hidden water pools because they get covered when not in use and you do not have to worry about the safety of your children. The base of the pool can be raised to form into leveled patio where children can walk, run or play without any scare.

Due to so many advantages associated with hidden water pools are a growing number of homeowners are installing this kind of pool in their homes. They are not just a luxurious addition to the house; they are also useful and present many advantages as listed above. Unlike before, homeowners now want utility along with beauty and thus hidden water pools have become a preferred option for many. Although the hidden water pools cost is much higher than the traditional ones, the advantages are worth considering and thus this kind of pool is worth adding to your house.