When you live somewhere for a year or longer, it is normal to start making improvements. There are a few basic things you might want to improve in your home and others that might not help you a lot in the future, because you can never know when you will need to move out of your house and you will have to consider what a potential buyer might like or not.

Good improvements:


Cleaning the house is, of course, the first thing you should do. You could also hire a professional cleaning company to do it for you. The price won’t be too expensive, but they will surely do a good deep cleaning, which will save you headaches and time. Tidiness always makes good impression, so spend some money on the cleaning.

Small fixes

It won’t cost you too much to fix little problems like broken plugs, lamps or locks. It is true that those problems aren’t major, but if you do not make the effort to fix them, you might give a indirect signal to a potential buyer that there are other hidden or even bigger problems behind the little ones.

Reorder your storeroom

Clean the storeroom and throw away everything that you don’t need. Put things that you don’t want to throw away in a drawer or in boxes. Empty rooms can make the property look more spacious.

Paint the house

The price that you are likely to pay for the paint will be justified by the fact that paint can rejuvenate the look of the house.

Maintained the garden

Mowed lawn, nice flowers and well trimmed shrubs will make your home look classy.

Change the handles

Change any broken or old handles. Probably the first thing that your buyer might touch in the house is some of the handles.

Fix the roof

Spend a good amount of money on the roof, because if it is not fixed, it will cause you and your buyer too many additional problems and you might have to fix it anyway later on for a really short period of time.

Bad Improvements

The decisions about any improvements you do to your house are all up to you. The question, although, is which of those improvements are a good investment of time and money and whether they will help you get bigger price when you decide to sell your house. Of course, having a pool will increase the price, but there are some improvements which will definitely not impress buyers.

Expansion of a room

If you want to spend a lot of money on breaking a wall between two rooms and make one bigger room – do it, but only if you intend staying in that house longer; do not expect getting a higher price for such an improvement.

A second bathroom

If we are speaking about bigger houses with many rooms, it is relevant to have more than one bathroom, but for a traditional middle-class house, it is not necessary.

Building a garage

Buyers are not always willing to buy the garage on the price that it will cost you to build it. They might even want to pay a lower price.

Modern kitchen furnishing

Don’t buy a new kitchen furnishing for yourself, especially one that is in the modern peach colour. Not everyone likes those colours, and you might even have to give it to the new owner of your house for free.

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