Low Progesterone Cure For WomenProgesterone and Estrogen are the two significant hormones in the female body. They affect the mood, weight gain, sex drive, weight gain and several other factors of the body. These two hormones should be in balance for the proper body functioning. If the level of one hormone dips below the normal problem may take place in a woman. This is usually associated with menopause but it could also occur at any other time during the course of a woman’s life.

The main function of Progesterone is to help in regulating the female reproductive cycle. It aids in regulating the menstrual cycle and producing estrogen and cortisone hormones. The hormone is produced once in every month from the ovaries. The release of Progesterone signals the uterine wall to thicken and makes the body ready for pregnancy. The hormone regulates the thyroid gland, helps the immune system and reduces irritation and swelling. It also maintains the nervous system of the body. In addition, the hormone stimulates the collagen production and helps to keep the bones and the muscles strong.

Let’s check out the symptoms, causes, medical treatment and diet for Progesterone Deficiency:


The normal symptoms of Low Progesterone include dizziness, insomnia, irritability and severe mood swings. Other symptoms comprise of night sweats, urinary tract infections, muscle as well as joint pain. You could also suffer from anxiety and depression. If you suffer from irregular menstrual cycle or several miscarriages, that could also be a hormonal imbalance sign.


The deficiency of Progesterone is an increasing problem with the women of all ages in industrialized nations.  Most often the problem is too much estrogen production without adequate production of progesterone. In the industrialized nations women are exposed to chemicals, xenoestrogens and much other environmental debris that lead to hormonal imbalance. The deficiency also results from a poor diet. Other contributors to low level of progesterone include diet, stress, exercise, nutrition, and the medicines you are taking.

Medical Treatments

A number of medical treatments are available to women suffering from low level of progesterone. This hormone could be ingested into the system of your body by a supplemental capsule or through an injection at the doctor’s office. Progesterone creams are also available for women. However if these treatments do not provide you relief, your doctor may suggest various hormone replacement therapies. The hormone therapies sometimes carry the risks of heart attack, blood clot and stroke. As a result you should consult with your doctor before opting for hormone replacement.

Diet for Progesterone Deficiency

Nutrition and diet also play a significant role in hormonal imbalance. You should follow a healthy and balanced diet with well-rounded meals and taking a vitamin regularly. Moreover, you must be sure of the fact that your body is not lacking vital nutrients. Some herbal supplements such as black cohosh could also help regulate hormones. Siberian ginseng is one more herbal supplement that helps to make you healthy, particularly your reproductive system. Take 70 to 100 g high protein diet along with eggs and Vitamin A. Besides taking a healthy diet you should also try to reduce your stress. Try to avoid taking diet with too much sugar content.  Keep in mind that a high protein diet leads to a low glycemic diet. However it is also significant that you take other foods like whole grains, vegetables and fruits with a moderate amount of dairy product.  Eating junk food and lots of protein will not help to heal a hormonal imbalance. Furthermore you must restrict your intake of sodium and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Apart from taking a balanced diet, you could opt for a high-quality multivitamin, calcium and magnesium.

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