JavaScript is a high-level, dynamic, multi-paradigm, untyped scripting language that was developed by Brendan Eich. With the transition from server framework to client side in the IT sector, JavaScript is being heavily used in the industry currently. Numerous Single Page Applications and Software and specifically front-end stack rely on JavaScript. It is essential for all web-based applications that deploy UIs. It is being widely used to build automation scripts for Adobe products, OSX, Windows Applications, Mobile Applications, Database queries, Quad-Copters, Command-line Tools, Hardware Controllers, PDF documents, site-specific browsers and many more. This relevance makes JavaScript knowledge an effective tool in a career as a developer. The learning curve of JavaScript is as steep as any other dynamic interpreted language. This programming language lets the users to interact with the client side scripts, communicate asynchronously and document the content.

IT skills assessment tests are available across Online platform, making it easier for a recruiter in hiring a programmer. The Online tests are presented to a candidate to write new codes or fixing bugs in the given code. The JavaScript programming skill tests generally cover the following aspects of the programming language-

  • Arrays
  • Objects
  • Context
  • Functions
  • Asynchronous Behaviour

Online assessment tests provide high stake assessment delivery to ensure ease of auditability.  These platforms also provide remote proctoring technology to render authentic assessment administration. The measure of technical competency with skills is effectively delivered with these tests, enabling the recruiters to grade and scale the candidates as per the requirements and hire. The in-depth and actionable insights provided by the tests are indeed great tools to track the development of the employees and pre-hires. With constant tracking of the results, it is possible for the employer to train the workforce to work, build and render complex application development projects.

The Online Java Script test mainly highlights on-

  • Basic knowledge of objects and prototypes, json and others.
  • Acquaintance with MooTools, Dojo, YUI, jQuery, $fx(), JS Charts and other important JavaScript libraries.
  • Understanding the application to extending JavaScript through object oriented programming.

The platforms that test JavaScript online primarily focus on analysing the technical skills of the candidates or interns as per the requirement of the employer. The test enables the employer to recruit programmers and developers with necessary capability and suitability to the vacancies. The proper gauging of JavaScript knowledge can be done extensively with these online platforms and are greatly reliable with respect to quality results. With the effective reporting of the tests, the employer can be able make better recruitment and predict the candidate’s future performance in the firm.

As it is equally important for a JavaScript developer to know to figure out the problems with JavaScript as the programming language, but also to understand and work with its specifics and basics. As the online programming skill tests mainly highlight on this factor, they serve as a great tool in pre-employment screening for IT professionals.  Here, the principal emphasis is on measuring the application and reasoning skills gained through real work experience rather than just concentrating on theoretical knowledge. These tests are advantageous in being customizable, based on the necessities of the organization or the employers.