Most of us lead busy hectic lives and don’t get as much sleep as we need. The unfortunate part is the fact that many of us don’t understand the important role that sleep plays in our overall health and wellness. We drift through life thinking we’ll catch up on that much-needed sleep on the weekends are whenever we can. However, sleep is crucial to our well-being on many different levels. It’s actually a form of medicine for our bodies.

Improves Memory

Believe it or not, getting adequate rest helps with memory. If you are someone trying to get by with just four hours of sleep a night or less, good luck because there are probably a lot of things you’re going to forget click here. During sleep, a process called consolidation occurs. During this process, things you learn during your waking hours are practiced or reinforced. Upon waking from a good night’s rest, your memory of the newly learned subject id much better once you’ve had adequate rest.

Banishes Inflammation

If you have problems with inflammation it will improve if you start getting six or more hours of sleep per night. Studies have uncovered that people who get less than that suffered from inflammation. Sadly, inflammation can lead to many chronic health disorders like diabetes and heart disease. The C-reactive protein is found largely in people who get less than six hours of sleep per night. This protein is associated with heart attack risk.

Controls Weight Gain

Sleep is even good for weight loss too. A study found that 56 percent of dieters who got adequate sleep lost more weight, whereas those that didn’t get enough sleep lost weight but also lost muscle mass as well. Dieters who didn’t get enough sleep also noticed that they got hungrier as well. This is mostly because sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same areas of the brain. When you’re sleepy specific hormones that control appetite are released in the blood.

There is significant evidence that suggests sleep has many beneficial effects on the body. It’s almost medicine. When it’s lacking, you notice the effects as well. If ever there was an argument that should drive your commitment to getting adequate rest it should be that sleep has far too many positive benefits, beyond the obvious, to deny yourself. Get sleep, your body will thank you later.