Deciding whether or not to get a Masters of Education can be a tough decision for many. While most would like the increased opportunities and higher income potential, there is also a cost associated with getting the Masters of Education that makes it prohibitive for some. Let’s consider some of the primary factors to consider when you decide if it makes sense for you to pursue this advanced degree.

Is A Master Of Education Worth The Cost?

Increased Income Potential

According to a recent survey, those with a Masters of Education earned almost 20% more than those with just a Bachelor’s Degree. This means that for many people, the cost of obtaining the Masters degree can pay for itself after just a few years of employment. Even when loans are taken into consideration, the cost of earning the degree can easily pay for itself.

A Wider Range of Job Opportunities

Not only do those with a Masters of Education have a higher income potential, but they are also likely to have a wider range of jobs from which to choose. There are many jobs available to those who earn this distinguished degree, and yet there are not enough with the degree to fill the positions. As a result, it’s often the case that a person with a Masters of Education is able to choose between several jobs.

A More Impressive Resume All Around

Of course you’ll have more jobs available to you because you have your Masters of Education, but you’ll also find that even jobs that don’t require the degree are more likely to be available to you. For example, a person who wants to work at a school very close their home may apply for a position that only requires a Bachelors Degree, but get the job because of their advanced experience. The bottom line is that the Masters of Education opens many doors, and makes those that are already open even more accessible.

Gain Important Skills

Of course, the importance of a Masters of Education surpasses the ability to get a job and the ability to make more money. You’ll also be learning important skills that could help you in your current job or a future job. In some cases, students already have a job they love, but they want to take it further. They want to learn more about theories of education so they can be the most effect teachers possible. When a student feels this way, they often return to school for their Masters of Education. Some universities, like the University of Western Ontario, provide a wide breadth of courses for you to learn and develop professional skills, so choosing the right school is also important depending on your field of expertise.

A Word About the Time Commitment

It can be expensive to go back to school, though as we noted above it’s often more expensive not to. However, the cost is not the primary concern of everyone. Many people simply feel they don’t have the time to go back and finish their Masters of Education. If this is the situation you’re in, then take a moment and consider how long it would really take. Depending on the program, it could be as quick as a year and a half. Sacrificing for a year and a half can be well worth the potential rewards.