Students have to face a tough competition when they want the top most post in their life. And we talk about engineering then also there is a tough, grand and great competitions which exists and thus, our country gets the most creamy brains for the development of the nation. The student also gets a bright career in their life. And the exam in which the mechanism of screening best among the students in the engineering subject is known as JEE Mains i.e., Joint Entrance Examination.

Detailed Information About JEE Main Rank PredictorWhen we talk about the CBSE JEE Main Rank Predictor, then we know that it works as magical equipment for the students, which allows them to estimate the rank in their exams. They might get good marks and this rank predictor allows them to make guess of their marks in All India Rank exams. It is very easy to use the rank predictor, just by following few easy steps.

Basic Details of JEE Mains Rank Predictor

The candidates can estimate their ranks through the JEE Mains rank predictor, which will help them to guess their percentile and rage of the students. The rank of the students will only to determine when the students will give the proper data correctly. Thus, it is very important that the students must enter all the information correctly to get the best estimated ranks.

The tool, in which the students will determine their rank, will provide you a graphical representation of the numbers of the particular students in the percentile slot, respectively. This slot will be shown in the percentage basis as 10 %, which means that 10-20, 20-30, 30-40 and this will go on in the same pattern. All these will be estimated on the ground of the percentile in the JEE mains exam.

The Main Factors of JEE Main Rank Predictor

These is an expert team, who has developed the JEE mains rank predictor, in which they have taken various points into consideration. In this the experts have focused on the most précised rank predictor. The mains factors are the number of the student in a category, opening and closing rank of the previous year, the total number of the students who have applied for the exam, the students from their respective boards and the previous year’s rank ratio or the score which they have obtained earlier.

Things to remember about the JEE Main Rank Predictor

Every candidate should remember that the rank predictor is only a tool to calculate only the estimated marks for the exam. It is definitely not the exact ranking which you will be getting on the CBSE JEE Main rank predictor. The accuracy that the students will get on the rank predictor is only depends on the marks which the students will provide. The authority to provide the marks and to make an announcement is given only to the CBSE of the JEE Mains exams.

It should be noted that the percentage and percentile marks are different for the ranking. Percentile marks are the yardstick for gradation of the top to the bottom rank in JEE mains. As percentage and percentile both are different terms, the candidate should not get confused in this. In fact, the percentage is marks obtained out of hundred, that we all know, but the percentile marks obtained by a candidate, predict as to how many candidates are below the particular candidates in his state of the board exam.

If we see an example, we will find that in a group, number of candidates with aggregate marks less than the marks obtained by the candidate are divided by the total number of candidates of the group, is called percentile and this is a separate number.

To decide the JEE main ranking, the weight age of normalized marks is always taken into consideration. The ranking obtained by these two exams (normalize marks) and JEE mains marks decide the admission of the candidate to Funded Technical institute, CITS, NITS and IITS.

Hope these important information about the JEE main examination is beneficial for you. In case you still have queries then you must go the official website. Make sure, you consider all these essential rules before giving for this particular exam, all the best.