At the basis of human mobility is foot health. When one’s feet are working properly and are pain-free to walk on, their mobility is strong. However, when healthcare professionals notice problems with a patient’s feet, it can really hinder the mobility of the rest of their body. Technology is, however, improving personal and professional pediatric care, which has great impact on general health care and quality of life. Here are just four gadgets that are improving foot health and care for patients.

4 Gadgets That Are Improving Personal Foot Health and Care

The Foot Gym

This unique item was built to allow for both stretching and strengthening of the foot muscles. It’s comprised of a massage roller and resistance bands on a sloped surface. Patients start their foot workout by rolling the inside of their foot on the massage roller. This will loosen up the fascia and allow more mobility in their foot. Next, they can utilize the varying levels of resistance bands to perform reps of foot extensions. Patients should consult a pediatric foot specialist about the exercises that will work best for their particular feet problems.

Foot Spas

If a patient spends all day working on their feet, they will likely be extremely sore and tired when they get home. A foot spa is a great investment that can allow those with foot pain to soak those aching feet and improve their circulation. The better circulation one can get in their feet, the less they’ll suffer due to foot-related problems.

Micro-Ped Rollers

For those who have hard calluses and skin on the bottom of their feet, a micro-ped roller is a must. This is an automatic roller that is comprised of a sandpaper-like mineral pad that removes dead skin cells from the bottom of the foot. Simply place the roller against the bottom of the foot and let the mineral roll get rid of that hard, dead skin.

Shiatsu Foot Massager

For those who suffer from sore and tired feet, a shiatsu foot massager can be a great investment. These come with built-in heated rollers that provide massaging motions to the bottom of the user’s feet. The circulating rollers provide a deep tissue massage that breaks up that hard fascia and allows the foot muscles to move more freely. This is great for not only relieving muscle aches and tightness but also for enhancing circulation.

Foot health and care go together into formulating great mobility for the human body. The above four health gadgets are ones healthcare professionals should look into recommending. They’re perfect for not only enhancing blood circulation throughout the feet but also to relieve unnecessary tension in the foot muscles in general.