IPad Air second generation was one of the few devices that have managed to put the fans to think how it could be so slim and faster.

If we talk about the competition, Samsung has a better screen, but the design is poor, stylish and protected from the water the Sony is not having too great screens and annoyingly thick frame, Lenovo, just an amateur – the cause is a strange form of line Yoga. And this list is really longer. But Apple engineers manage to put everything needed in one unit called IPad Air 2.

The second-generation IPad Air got a lot more changes than IPad mini 3, which was to award the correct index of 2.5. Compact tablet was sold in golden color, and received Scanner Touch ID. In other words, the reasons to buy the new version immediately from the owners of the device last year and has not appeared. But the new Air attracts the attention of a huge number of improvements that can truly be called a good reason to once again empty purse for a new “apple”.

IPad Air 2 is the best in almost everything. Couple omissions – a smaller battery capacity due to the thickness of the housing and the lack of a version with 32 GB of memory, instead it would be better to Apple abandoned the tablet with indecent modest 16 GB. In other characteristics are much better, as is the case with all manufacturers. However, in the case of Apple’s changes were not only quantitative but also qualitative – almost all components changed somehow change the experience of using the device and significantly affect the impressions of the work. For example, you can’t just grab a large number of megapixels, but also shooting slow motion video processor is faster and gave impetus to the emergence of new resource-intensive applications such as mobile versions of popular graphics editor Pixelmator. Some say that this year Apple tablet was boring and virtually unchanged compared to last year, but this is true only for the device with the prefix “mini”. Even less than half the number of innovations in the Air 2 might be the reason to buy the device, but in Cupertino “pumped” virtually all the components to make the best tablet last year, the best this year.

As for the appearance of the iPad Air 2, change is really small. The main thing that drew public attention to the presentation – now it can not just hide behind the pencil, but also will not suffer after cutting a half millimeters clerical wood with a laser! In the dry numbers thickness of the tablet is only 6.1 mm, who else can boast of such a measure without sacrificing performance, screen quality and battery life work? As with other cosmetic changes, Apple decided to abandon the mute switch, volume control function will be given at the mercy of rocker and screen lock – softkey in the Control Center. Most likely, this step had to go because of the reduced thickness of the body. For the same reason has changed the dynamics of the grid that emphasizes a single, not double, perforation in front of the external speaker on the bottom. However, the sound will not be harmed and even became a little better, because they themselves became larger holes.

Yes, Apple IPad Air 2 is the best in the market if we don’t consider the price. And now already a new rumors line up has started for the next generation Apple iPad Air 3.