Internet at your home works in one of the two ways. The first way is involves a copper wire (in most cases this is the telephone line), through which you receive electrical signals from your internet service provider. This technology was not updated too much ever since we began to use internet. The other way is the use of optical cables. These cables are able to convert the signals into light and increase the speed of data transfer drastically. This is the case because with optical cables, light signals can travel larger distance without being distorted. But now, scientists have come up with twisted light beams. Make sure you keep reading in order to learn more about them.

Internet Speed Gets A Significant Boost With Twisted Light

What is Twisted Light and How does It Work?

Currently, scientists are exploring a new way we could get signals from our internet service providers. It includes twisted light beams, the light waves in which form helical patterns which are somewhat similar to the structure of human DNA. Since it differs so much from a standard light beam that is being used in communication, twisted light may be the future of communication. Another way using twisted light differs from standard methods are physical limitations. The new method of data transmission involves a transfer of 1s and 0s without any physical limitations, which is not the case with the older methods.

How does It Boost Data Transfer?

With twisted light we are transferring same data but in a different method. Since its properties differ from the standard ones, it can be coded in a different way. Since this way of coding does not interfere with standard methods, data-carrying capacity of the optical cables can dramatically be increased. Also, a new acousto-optic device for transferring light beams has been developed. This device can twist the light beams at speed which have not been achieved before. It consists of piezoelectric sound sources shaped like a ring. Each of them acts like a like high frequency loudspeaker.

How are the Light Beams Twisted?

Refractive index of the material the light travels through is changed by the presence of sound sources mentioned above. This means that the path through which light beams travel through change as well the sound beams themselves. Even though we were able to twist light before, the new method that includes sound waves is the easiest as well the quickest way to do so. There are millions of different patterns that can be achieved per second. All of this means that we could acquire the fastest internet ever.

How does it Affect My Internet Speed?

With such innovation when it comes to technology, internet speed is supposed to change drastically as we introduce twisted light. If we take a look at the way internet speed improved over the time we could see that we have already witnessed one major change. When internet switched from the dial-up mode to the broadband, we were all shocked by the internet speeds we got. Once we move to the twisted light, internet speed could even be changed at the same rate. It is always a good idea to stay informed about your internet speed. Make sure you know which speed did your internet service provider promise you and which speed do you actually have, both on your PCs and your mobile devices. You can easily get it checked by doing a mobile speed test.

Twisted lights are surely going to bring a real revolution when it comes to internet speed. Even though many people may be satisfied with their current internet speed, twisted light could make web browsing and playing online video games much more enjoyable. When we take a look at how internet was when we were using dial-up connection and how it is going to look like with new twisted lights we can see that the rate at which the technology is developing really is fascinating.