John George Antonio was an outstanding American advertising director. He lived between 1930- 2013. Antonio is well known as a logo designer after his release for Clemson University’s logo of Tiger paw. On July 1970, Antonio’s iconic Clemson sports logo that had been developed by him were unveiled at Henderson Advertising in South Carolina.. Among the famous logo designs created by him while working for Burnett agency are Morton Salt Girl and Pilsbury Doughboy logos. This logo designer gave companies that he worked for a better chance in competing with others. His logo designs had a greater impact on company’s growth. He worked for the advertising agencies in Chicago and Illinois before he died of cancer on May 2013.

A logo is a symbol created for the purpose of identification of a business. A good logo is important in helping the growth of the business. Logo designers bear in mind that during their design process, they must include all the attributes that allow creation of deeper meanings for the designs. An effective logo designer is crucial in putting business growth at the top. Logo designer applies the psychology of logo design while working out his designs. This is most crucial aspect behind the process of creating an excellent logo. Good colors are factors to consider while designing the logo. A logo designer understands that choosing the right color offers an added advantage for the business. Colors give a deeper meaning for the brands. Thus, a favorable color has to be factored in so as to deliver the intended message for the product.

Antonio chose one color for his logos. Ideally, a one color logo communicates more of the business ideas compared to a logo with many colors. With time, people like associating the color in your logo with the products that you sell. A logo designer should be detailed while choosing a color for the business. A logo should also have a good shape. The shape is created by letters, whereby each letter stands for a meaning. A logo designer should create the letters individually. Such a step offers a better chance in stressing the meaning and importance of every letter. For the business to grow, a good- shaped logo must be considered as a factor for that growth. An excellent shape is likely to be remembered by clients long after being seen. Choosing the right combination of colors, or just one color, type of the logo and the best shape is basically

the way to create a great logo. The best work of a logo designer comes clear when the logo boosts the business growth.

In conclusion, logo designers must learn the psychology of logos so as to know what people wants. A good logo is best suited for only those designers who give the requirements of the customers the first priority. Ideally, a good logo is so effective on a company growth. Logo designers have discovered technological approaches that accelerate creation of great logos, which means more inventions and innovations in business.