images (54)Smartphone’s are a technological marvel. They contain so many features while looking stylish and compact. For some, the compactness of a smartphone is an important factor that determines its usability. One thing that makes a Smartphone what it is the fact that it’s portable; you will want a phone that you can not only bring around, but also easy to store and pull out anytime you want. Because of this, people would make a big deal over how thin a smartphone can be. Which brings us to the question: which smartphone is the thinnest in the world?

The answer to this question would have been Apple’s newest smartphone, the iPhone 5. Phil Schiller, Apple’s Senior VP of worldwide marketing, called the iPhone 5 the thinnest and lightest iPhone ever made, clocking in with a slender body of 7.6mm. It would have easily been the thinnest and lightest smartphone available, that is, until the Chinese-based smartphone developers Huawei and Oppo came into the picture. Huawei announced the Ascend P1 S back in January at the International CES 2012. Coming in with the thinnest point at 6.68mm, it looks as if Huawei has Apple beat in that department, up until you notice a very noticeable bulge at the back of the phone, making the whole phone thicker than the iPhone 5. That’s not all, another Chinese smartphone firm, Oppo, joins the fray for the title with their own phone: the Oppo Finder, with 6.65mm at its thinnest point and 7.1mm at its thickest point. This would give Oppo a legitimate claim for the title, but there are a few things that would question the claim, namely the fact that it’s not 4G enabled and the fact that it is not available outside of China. Still, the Oppo would count itself as a contender since the title is “Thinnest Smartphone in the World.”

All in all, the iPhone 5 cannot really claim to be the thinnest smartphone in the world, thanks to Huawei and Oppo’s phones. However, there are different key factors that question Huawei’s and Oppo’s claims for the title. When it does come to being the thinnest in the world, the prize would go to Oppo and their Oppo Finder. However, being the thinnest smartphone in the world does not instantly mean it’s the best phone available; even though the Ascend P1 S and the Oppo Finder do beat the iPhone 5 in terms of having a slim and slender body, it is unsure if either of them can match the iPhone 5 in other categories, namely its usability and functionality as a smartphone. Some might say that the two might not even compare to the iPhone 5 in those categories. It doesn’t help that both companies are relatively unknown in the smartphone scene, particularly with Oppo, what with the Oppo Finder being available only in China. When it comes down to it, being the thinnest smartphone in the world can only be considered a minor victory at best, especially when it is the only thing the phone has going for it.

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