People usually ramble on how to get business with the help of digital marketing. They get confused with various sites available in the market that help in the digital marketing. Instagram is an excellent network for sharing great imagery and building relationships. It allows you to share photos and videos to visually create an experience for the users visiting your Instagram account. Instagram is a great platform where anyone can do branding of his product. But have you ever thought why some brands see tremendous success, and some do not? Why?

Things the brands should not do:

Instagram announced in June 2018 that it had hit one billion active users (monthly). The numbers of active users are growing as it is a simple and a great tool to seek inspiration from. It gives equal opportunities to every business to get recognition and success. Still, some companies do not get success. Frankly, they make some silly mistakes while marketing their products on Instagram. Following are a few mistakes the brands should avoid as they hinder their success:

  • Setting profile private:

You set your profile private, and people can’t see what you post and what your brand is all about. Setting your profile public means more people can look at your content or you can buy real Instagram Followers. More people will be able to view your posts quickly without waiting for approval so there will be more chances to gain new followers. Set your profile private only when you are using Instagram for personal reasons.

  • Stolen content:

One of the biggest mistakes businesses do on Instagram is posting stolen content. You like someone’s post does not mean you can repost it as your own. Never utilize user-generated content without using hashtags on their posts. You can repost someone else’s content after providing the proper attribution to the original user.

  • Overdoing the selfies:

A bunch of selfies will not help you if you are using Instagram to grow your brand. One good selfie could be enough. Neither you are a celebrity nor has the doctor prescribed you a selfie a day.

  • Irrelevant content:

Uploading content regularly does not mean you should fill your feed with irrelevant content. Context is everything, and it is highly essential to keep your content brand-centric. Upload content which is closely related to the interests of your targeted audience.

  • Ignoring comments:

Never ignore the comments of your followers as they take time to ask questions and post on your comments. Respond @username to notify the followers and answer their questions nicely. Thank them for finding time to comment on your posts.

  • Incomplete bio:

Mostly the businesses make their bio too tedious and long. Always strive to keep things simple. Do not tell everything about the brand or company as no one will be interested to read a full page biography of your brand.

  • Use of an awkward name:

No matter it is your real name or business name make sure you choose an easy to recognize the name. If your name is hard to remember people may not find you easily. If you are selecting a brand name on Instagram then never choose a cheesy and awkward name. Be a professional to impress the IG Followers.

  • Overuse of hashtags:

Hashtags are expertly important on Instagram but using more than 6 to 7 hashtags is overkill. Use only 5-6 hashtags and make sure they are relevant to your posts. The use of a hashtag that has nothing to do with your post leaves an adverse impact.