When it comes to choosing a career in the healthcare field, there are several options with high paying opportunities in the future to choose from. Some are conventional like surgery while others are comparatively new but lucrative like data scientists. The progression of economic gains in the healthcare industry is directly proportional to the kind of skills being demanded.

Here are some of the successful careers at the moment in healthcare.

1. Advanced Nursing

Take advanced practicing nurse intro perspective. The profession pays of well in monetary terms, and requires a minimum of a master’s degree.


However, it’s a different profession compared to being a conventional nurse in the sense advanced level nursing careers include anesthetic nurses (CRNAs), clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners.

The advanced practice nurse profession also enjoys a decent rank in the health treatment team. As far as the salaries go, they vary from $80,000 to $150,000 annually based upon the role and experience.

2. Dentistry

Choosing dentistry as a successful healthcare career means respecting the science of teeth, following the laws of oral hygiene, and having the skill of a brain surgeon. However, it’s definitely not as stressful as being a brain surgeon.

Training is conventional – through obtaining a Bachelor’s and going to dental school after college. There’s flexibility with respect to the amount of workweeks. The salaries are generally in excess of $140,000 annually.

Being a dentist isn’t the only way to break into the dentistry field. For those interested in becoming a dental assistant, there are dental assistant programs available around the U.S. to teach the fundamentals of dentistry. The average salary is near $35,000 annually for dental assistants and is a fraction of the cost on the education side.

3. Physicians and Surgeons

Physicians and surgeons are the conventional high earners in the healthcare domain. On a comparative scale, surgeons are earning more. Neurosurgeons top the list in terms of economic gains. The top ones go on to earn more than a million dollar annually.

Next to follow are orthopedic and plastic surgeons. The high point of a healthcare in either physician or surgery role is that the salary is never below six figures.

As far as the academic qualification is concerned, a four year medical school program is mandatory which is followed by 3+ years of residency training. After this, additional qualification includes fellowships. On one level, this’s a huge financial investment. But in terms of ROI, it’s very rewarding.

4. Physician Assistant

Being a physician assistant is also a worthwhile career in terms of academic requirement and the salary earned. These professionals can work in medical offices/hospitals and treat patients as well.

Based upon state legislation, they can prescribe medication as well. Physician assistants can also independently, but have to consider state based policies.

The academic qualification includes a bachelor’s degree followed by a master’s in a physician assisting program. The salary varies from $85,000 to $100,000.

5. Pharmacists

Working as pharmacists can earn you a hefty paycheck without having to cut open patients or spending load of hours in the hospital. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average income for pharmacist in roles of production and sales is an average $117,000/year.

The academic requirement includes a PharmD doctoral degree following which you have the choice to work in the industry for a management related job by getting a business degree.

In U.S., currently pharmacists are working in hospital, drug stores, medical clinics and R&D labs.

In order to get into aforementioned careers, a proper career plan is required on your part. This is because they’re commitment based careers, and once you’re part of them, you have to stick to them to get positive returns in future. The American Medical Association also reports that young professionals in the healthcare industry are earning more compared to individuals in other professions in the same age group.