It’s nearing the end of the semester and you’re working and studying hard to pass your exams. You barely sleep, all you do is read and you haven’t hung out with friends in weeks. The levels of stress are at a peak and there seems to be nothing you can do about it. Or at least so it seems. If you’re currently at the end of a semester, then you need to plan better for the next go around. If you want to make your college life more manageable, then you need to have a steady work-life balance. Your college education is serious, but it shouldn’t mean killing yourself to complete it!

Here are a few tips to help prevent burning out your brain cells this next semester.

Get Organized and Stay Organized

Good job if you started off this semester with a plan for organization. This is actually the case for a lot of students who are ill prepared, however, many of them fall prey to life’s obstacles and surprises and end up falling off track. If you’re going to make a schedule for your school and after-school life, then make sure to stick to it. It’s alright to have a bit of spontaneity in your life, but not too often!

Avoid the Typical All-Nighters

Most people think of all-night study sessions when they think about college life. Although it’s widely accepted, it doesn’t mean it should exist. Pulling all-nighters is unhealthy and starts a bad habit that’s difficult to kick. You need to manage your time more wisely, so that you can fit in time to study, relax and hang out. All-nighters drain your brain and will leave you unprepared to perform well on the tests you stayed up all night to study for.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Procrastinate!

Procrastination is an issue that a lot of students battle with. This is the main reason why most people end up pulling all-nights in the first place. If you stay organized and stick to the schedule you set forth, you shouldn’t have any issues with procrastination. You have a variety of things you have to focus on aside from schoolwork, like attending networking events and interviews.

Try Studying Somewhere New

You don’t have to always hit the books in your dorm room or library. Try studying in another quiet setting, like a park, coffee shop or a bookstore that has couches and tables. Having a different place to study can sometimes ease your nerves and motivate you to study.

Learn to Take Time Off

In between studying and exams, you need to take time off. Set aside spare time to relax and enjoy yourself. This can either be alone or in the presence of friends and family. It’s not good to be all work and no play, so do what you can to blow off steam in between sessions.

Are you currently knee deep in studies for Marylhurst’s masters in real estate? Then use these tips to prevent yourself from being burned out!