About Indian weddings

Indian weddings reflect their native heritage and culture. Generations ago, weddings consisted of weeks and months of planning where everyone close to the family arrived quite early to be a part of the event. The marriage ceremony itself lasted days, making the event a wholesome celebration with lots of fun and frolic. However, time constraints and geographical boundaries condensed the ceremony to something that was capsuled to a time span of 2-3 days.

The most fascinating aspect of an Indian wedding is that it is a fusion of families, where the couples do not set a date for the wedding themselves, but by a senior family member or priest who matches their horoscopes by taking into account the birthdates and other planetary details.

The challenge to conduct a perfect wedding has encouraged many families to hire a wedding co-ordinator to help with the wedding planning. This can be done during the initial stages of the planning or just for the main event. Hiring an event management company or a wedding co-ordinator has thus become the norm, irrespective of the social status of the families involved.

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If you are hiring a wedding co-ordinator, then you can go through the entire process with his help: right from the planning stage to the execution of the entire event. Families who do it alone will always go through the harrowing process of making out a to-do list, planning a guest list, catering, stage decorations and hundreds of other things. There is every chance in the world that many people leave out important things. Time constraints and lack of domestic help in Indian households has traumatised many families during such events. But when you delegate the task to a reliable and experienced wedding co-ordintator, you can sit back and relax.

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Hiring a wedding coordinator: Tips you can use

A wedding co-ordinator can actually save you money a lot of hassle, contrary to what people think. However, there are certain things that you must consider while getting one for an Indian wedding.

Hiring an experienced co-ordinator – Getting an experienced co-ordinator would be more feasible because they already have experience in planning weddings and they can finish the ‘planning part’ of your wedding within a matter of hours.

Keep your budget within limits – Yes, it is true, a wedding co-ordinator can help keep within your budget range. They know the right people to approach to make that happen.

Give your family more time to enjoy the event – With a co-ordinator, you can expect everything to run smoothly and seamlessly. You don’t have to run from pillar to post to check if everything is running perfectly as planned. All you need to do is enjoy the event and leave the “managing part” to the experts.

An answer to conflicting ideas from all corners – People always have their own ideas about how to conduct a wedding. These conflicting opinions and ideas will definitely make you go crazy. Hiring a wedding co-ordinator is the easy solution to that.