Well finally we have the iCloud Bypass Tool. This tool can help you to complete the iCloud bypass process successfully. The tool work on any Apple iPhone or iPad device. All you need to do is to get the iCloud bypass tool on your PC device and to follow the step by step guide bellow:

Icloud Bypass Tool Using Instructions

1. Download the iCloud Bypass Tool on your PC, Mac, tablet or laptop. Click on the link bellow or find another source to get the tool on your computer.
2. Install it.
3. Open the tool and submit the IMEI code of your network locked device.
4. Enter the email address you will use in the process.
5. Find the USB of your iPhone and connect it to the PC/ Mac.
6. Open the iTunes and backup the data in your phone.
7. Check the email address and if you have a message congratulating you on your unlocking success.
8. After this message, remove the existing SIM card and replace it with a SIM card from a new carrier.
9. The SIM card will be immediately accepted which should mean that your iPhone is now officially unlocked. The iCloud Bypass Tool not only got the unlock code form the Apple database but applied it in your stead also.
10. Now connect the iPhone to the PC again. Open the iTunes again and restore the data.
11. Disconnect and reconnect the iPhone once more on the same computer to activate the new SIM card and the services of the new carrier.
12. Your iPhone is now permanently unlocked.

There is an alternative iCloud bypassing method with alternative instructions, which are the same for the most part, and here are the instructions for the substitute unlocking process:

1. Download and install the iCloud Bypass Tool on your computer.
2. Click twice on it to open and then select the model of the iPhone and its current iOS version.
3. State the IMEI and input an email address where you want to receive notifications form the iCloud Bypass Tool.
4. Connect the iPhone to the computer.
5. Open the iTunes app, after the iPhone is acknowledged, and backup all the iPhone’s data.
6. After a while check your email. You should have a positive e-mail confirming that the unlock was successful.
7. Erase all the data of your iPhone by going to SETTINGS- GENERAL- RESET- ERASE ALL CONTENTS.
8. Insert a SIM card from a substitute carrier and connect the iPhone to the computer again, and again, open the iTunes.
9. Disconnect and reconnect it again after only ten seconds to activate the SIM card from the new network carrier.

This is the simplest method for iCloud Bypass any iPhone model. The tool can be used by anyone because there is nothing complicated about it. If you find yourself struggling with it, immediately call or contact via email the customer support technicians who will immediately come up with a solution to your problem.