Ruby on Rails development is popular with start-up businesses; that’s why you get to see many startup entrepreneurs using this website application framework for building protocols to showcase their ideas. If you think your business idea can be represented best through this programming language, then get started and find a developer now. Finding an ideal Ruby on Rails developer means you will have to scour through hordes of CVs, which anyway is not going to be easy. But, you can get some relief in this task if you know what exactly you have to look for in your candidate. Here are a few tips on this. It will narrow down your search efforts to a great extent by culminating into an apt hiring decision.

Points to remember while selecting a Ruby on Rails developer

  • Look for experience with Ruby on Rails

If you don’t want to take any risk with your project and want it to shape up in most professional way, then depend on experienced and professional people only. A candidate with 2 to 3 years of experience in software development and Ruby on Rails can be a good bet. However, if you are comfortable paying high salary, you can look for even more experienced individuals.

  • Investigate formal education background

It will be better if applicants have formal CS degree to their credit. But, there are many people who manage to hone their skills in software programming and development without any formal training. Hence, you can keep formal CS education as one of the criteria in your selection procedure, but don’t give it too much weight beyond the person’s analytical skills.

  • Examine the communication skills

The developer must have strong verbal, written and visual communication skills. Any lack in these areas may prove expensive for your project later on. So, before taking the final call, make sure to test your candidate in these areas as well.

  • Inquire into other skills

A good Ruby on Rails developer will also possess sound knowledge of other programming languages and applications, such as JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, SQL, HTML, MySQL, and Bootstrap or Foundation, etc. These are actually bare minimums. For building a perfect Ruby on Rails application or site, a person needs to master other skills too. So, do make sure to test him or her on this area as well.

  • Take a coding test

Even if candidates own excellent communication skills, testing them on their core strength is a necessity. For this, you can ask them to submit a coding sample. Grade all the submissions to see who has performed well.

There is no secret behind any successful hiring decision. It is just that you need to keep some crucial factors in mind on which you would like to test your candidates and of course, what budget you are ready to spend on the new hire. The catch lies with hiring an experienced and specialized developer as it is essential to ensure quality project completion.