With the immense success of its smartphones, now Xiaomi is heading forward to give tough competition to big guns in the market. Xiaomi launched its first smartphone in 2012. In just three years it gave the healthy challenge to Apple by launching its cheap smartphone similar to IPhone. People all over the world like the spirit of this Chinese smartphone manufacturer. And this is utmost reason that this company come in the top list of biggest smartphone manufacturer. Ideas and innovation of this company is bit unique. It is giving handy features in extremely low price with a decent quality.

After that success of last smartphone Xiaomi Mi4, this Chinese manufacturer is now heading towards launching another smartphone in this series. The name of that smartphone will be Xiaomi Mi5. It is expected that this smartphone will release in the month of September 2015. But in India it will possibly launch in December 2015. There is no official announcement is given by the company but tech gurus have already started comparing that upcoming smartphone to big ones. Today we will compare the infamous Google Nexus 5 with the upcoming giant Xiaomi Mi 5.

Design – 5.3 Inch Ultra-sleek Vs 4.I5 inch

Mi 5 will come in the market with ultra-sleek look. The bezel of its predecessor is 1.75mm and it is rumoured that it will come with the bezel of 0.75 mm. It will come in the screen size of 5.3 inch (5.5 inch is also possible). On the other side Nexus 5 comes in 4.9 inch model. And Nexus 5 looks pretty but it bezel is not thin.

Display – Full HD Vs Quad HD

Xiaomi Mi5 will feature Quad HD stunning display. Retina HD display (like IPhone 6) is also possible. While Google Nexus 5 comes in 1080 p full HD display.


Mi5 will comes with Quad core Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm. It will run at the clock speed of 2.3 GHz. This is ultra-powerful powerful processor and it will back up with 4 GB Ram. So you can do decent multi-tasking and gaming on this smartphone easily. On the other hand Nexus 5 comes with 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor and it runs on 2 GB Ram. Although it does not mean that Nexus 5 will take some lag in loading app but as you know bigger is better.

Camera – 15 MP Vs 8 MP

Yup you heard it right. Xiaomi Mi5 will come with stunning 15 MP camera with dual LED flash. This will capture ultra-quality picture and will shoot videos in HD too. While Nexus 5 features 8 MP of camera only. And the camera quality of this phone is not much good.

Overall Xiaomi’s next big giant is on one step ahead from Google Nexus 5. And it is expected that it will come at lesser price than Nexus 5. By looking at the last phone of Mi series, it is expected that this phone will come up with awesome build quality too. So it will give a healthy competition to Google Nexus 5. And yes Xiaomi Mi 5 release date rumors are making all the smartphone geeks excited, let’s wait and watch for the real action in 2015.