The horrendous truth of accumulated fat has women of today taking discrete steps to get rid of it. Dieting, intense work outs and quitting carbs and sugar are just an overview of what is to be done. It’s the timings and the quantity that makes huge difference. Consuming Carbs in the breakfast meal or in the lunch? Replacing sugar with Honey worthy enough? How about consuming supplements along? While supplements boost the overall process of torching fat and converting it into muscle, it is imperative for you to prepare your body for the same. Although Garcinia Combonia for women is a fantastic supplement, here is what they need to do additionally.

Focus on Weight Training

While your diet ensures sufficient proteins and carbohydrates intake, weight training is essential to utilize the energy and burn fat to muscle. Dedicating each day for one body part, perform intense muscle building exercises for legs, shoulders, biceps, triceps, chest and back. Seek a professional help for the same.

Less Cardio

You may have to resist the temptation for the treadmill and other cardio equipments. While they do push your body and produce more sweat, performing them in excess may kill the muscle mass. Thus, the entire effort you had put in the diet is wasted. However, you can still do light cardio for warming up and then plunge at the weight training.

How To Convert Fat Into Muscle


Sprints are one effective procedure to built muscles. Running on the treadmill at your fullest potential and speed for a minute and then slowing down for another minute helps shape the legs and the triceps. Repeat the loop for 10 more minutes (or less according to your capacity). You may perform the same with other exercises such as squats, push pups, abs exercises etc.

Balanced Nutrition

For women, converting fat into muscle requires accomplished diet that covers everything from Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and even fats. Besides eating healthy, there are some tips women must follow.

  • Drink at least 15 glasses of water every day. Avoid immediate drinking over the meals
  • No salt consumption after 7 pm.
  • In the dinner, have a vegetable soup and salad with a pinch of tofu, egg white or sprouts.
  • The Protein intake should be 1gram per pound of body fat. To get the exact calculations, seek help from body analysis machines.
  • Have Green tea or any other Herbal Tea twice a day. Prefer one cup before going to the gym.

Supplement Discipline

Although many supplements including Garcinia Combonia for women provide instant results and help improve the nutrient count in the body, it is important to use them wisely. Firstly, the body should be prepared and strong enough to absorb them. Make sure you have built the strength to take up intense work outs in the gym. Also, prefer consuming those 15 – 20 minutes after every work out.

This was just a glimpse of following some basic yet effective tips. You may also seek expertise advise from your trainers, nutritionists and physicians.