I wonder how many of us would class ourselves as savvy shoppers? We live in a world where online discounts aren’t too hard to find if you’re willing to put in the effort, however how many people actively looking to buy online actually spend the time looking for discount codes and vouchers prior to purchasing? At a guess, I wouldn’t say anymore than 25%. Of course, I could be wrong but I seriously doubt that more than that will go out of their way to find deals, even if there is significant sums of money to be saved each time you want to buy a product or service!

To outline how easy it is to save a small fortune online, I wanted to outline to you how I saved over £100 on holiday extras ahead of a recent trip abroad! When I say extras, in this instance I mean airport parking and an airport hotel! I was flying from Edinburgh airport and had an early morning flight booked. With this in mind, it made sense to book myself into a nearby airport hotel the night before and we all know how pricey these can be at times, especially when you book close to your departure date. In addition, I needed to leave the car at the airport as this was the only sensible option for getting there and again, this can be costly at times, especially if you book through a travel agent or the like.

With this in mind, I set off on a mission, as I always do, to see how cheap I could get the parking and hotel! I, like many others, like luxury and wanted to stay in at least a 4* hotel as well as ensuring the car park was safe and secure! I set myself a budget of £100 but at first wasn’t overly confident that I could achieve it…not for a night in an airport hotel and parking for 5 nights! How wrong was I, however! A little bit of searching around the web lead me to and quite frankly I was gob smacked at how affordable their parking and hotel deals at Edinburgh airport were! As I said, is budgeted £100 but wasn’t confident that I would manage it! Well what do you know? I didn’t get much change out of £100 but I did get a night in a 4* airport hotel and 5 nights safe and secure parking!

Once again, I’d done it and I’m confident that it’s all down to the fact that I see myself as a savvy shopper, spending time to find the deals and discounts! If you don’t look for codes each and every time you shop, you could be missing out on some huge savings!