In a recent edition on NPR, the question was raised as to whether pens are a thing of the past. Technology has taken a chunk out of the business of writing on paper, but there is still a core group of people for whom the pen will always be mightiest. There is always the market for the fine writing implement, but even practical pens can carry some sentimental value to the owner.


That’s a powerful attachment businesses have been utilizing in their marketing for years. Slowly, that’s falling out of style, but there are a few businesses that still benefit from keeping a pen handy.




Every one of an accountant’s clients is going to need to sign a check, a form or a banking slip in the near future. What better method to spread awareness of your business than at the bank itself? When the customer needs a writing implement to record his finances, that becomes your opportunity for branding. Keep a stack at your desk, or a few in a pen holder and hand them out freely to your customers. Give an extra and encourage them to leave it at the bank.




Lawyers can use a finer looking pen to present a more refined image. Small firms can order cheap custom pens from Pen Factory that still have the appearance of a high-end writing instrument. Look for thin, metallic pens that may appeal to the office professional. Use these pens in the client’s paperwork, ask them to sign with it, and let them keep it as a token of gratitude for their business.


Real Estate Agents


Agents should carry a few pens with them everywhere they go. Try slipping a potential client your business card, and writing an alternate number where you can be reached. This gives the client the impression that you’re making yourself more available, and it’s a good time to slip in a little extra branding.




Notaries are, by nature, reliant on writing instruments to do their job. They require ink to give their stamp, and for the parties to sign the contract being notarized. This is an excellent time for a professional looking pen with your branding to become part of your client’s writing arsenal.


The Tech Sector


The tech sector might seem like the last place to invest in penmanship, but there may be room for the practical pen to make waves. Brad Bodart of Daly’s hopes that a pen with a combined ballpoint and stylus will appeal to those more prone to tablets than paper. If you want to try this approach, order pens with a capacitive stylus attached, which is the most common input method for newer smartphones and tablets.


Eco Conscious Businesses


Soy based inks and recycled paper make for good giveaways for the eco conscious business. This appeals to your customer’s sense of eco consciousness, and it gives you a chance to get your letterhead out into the world. Try this pen and paper combo at conventions, where your sales people can interact with potential customers. Offer freebies to attendees may utilize it for note taking during presentations or after meetings.




Tutors working with students can find cheap pens online that they can use with graphics to promote their business. The graphic wrapped pen is usually plastic, but it works well for kids who may frequently lose pens throughout school. See if you can leave some of your pens in places where students and parents commonly frequent, like a library or a bookstore.