It is every driver’s responsibility to personally contribute to climate change and should try to offset the CO2 emissions from the car. So everyone should try to reduce their own carbon footprints as suggested by the San Diego Lexus dealer.

How To Reduce Carbon Footprint Caused by Your Car

  • Driving Alternatives: People should sometimes ride a bike or walk when there is no need of using cars. This will help in avoiding emissions of carbon completely. Carpooling and use of public transportation can also reduce the emission of CO2.
  • Use Of Low Carbon Vehicle: High mileage vehicles don’t always emit low amount of carbon. Every vehicle has its own “estimated miles per gallon rating”. Electric cars can be used as they don’t emit any CO2.
  • Getting A Hitch Mounted Cargo Rack: If four-wheel drives are not needed then, minivans and SUVs should not be bought. Avoiding rooftop boxes that can affect the aerodynamic and decrease fuel economy which results in more emission of CO2 should be done. Instead a rack or receiver hitch can be used.
  • Driving Style: Unnecessary acceleration can reduce the mileage increasing the amount of gas used and will ultimately increase the carbon footprint of the driver. So this should be avoided.
  • Tuning And Tyre Inflation: Mileage can be improved by use of properly inflated tyres. Correct grade of motor oil should be used to keep the engine tuned as this little maintenance fixes can increase fuel efficiency and hence reducing the amount of CO2 emitted.
  • Unnecessary Ignition Of Vehicle: If the car is stuck in traffic, then the engine should be stopped to stop CO2 emission, or a person can use maps to find traffic-free routes to travel or can wait till the traffic clears.

Several running for errands should be avoided and should be done in one errand so that to emit less CO2 and reduce carbon footprint. Removing extra weights from the vehicle can also be done to use less fuel. Cruise control can be used to move in a constant acceleration and use less fuel as said by the San Diego Lexus.

  • Eco-Driving: Hard braking and acceleration can waste fuel and emit more amount of CO2.
  • Insulating The House: Reducing air leaks and drafts with insulation can help in reducing carbon footprint.
  • Appliances: Products having the energy star should be bought as choosing energy efficiency product is a really important step when trying to reduce carbon footprints.
  • Lighting: Turning off lights when not in use can be done. Fluorescent lights and LED lights should be used instead of incandescent bulbs to reduce the emission of CO2.
  • Thermostat: A programmable model should be installed to turn off air conditioners and heaters while the person is not at home. Also, they can be used less by the person itself to lower the carbon footprint.

Offsetting the amount a person is not able to avoid making him responsible for his/her carbon pollution which is his/her contribution to climate change.