Many of us are interested in getting brand new off road tires for our next dirt road excursions. It is absolutely great to be able to grab the latest wicked looking off road tires available. Your tires should be ideal for any purpose, include for plowing mud, crawling rock and racing on the sandy surface. For this reason, you should know precisely what you need and you need to get rid of the usual misconception about off road tires. On the rugged terrain, you will need to have improved traction and it is generally known that in order to get more traction, you will need larger tires. However, getting better traction isn’t only about using larger tires.

You could get increased traction by choosing tires with specific rubber composition. With stock off road tires, you could also use traction differential or locker. This can be a better solution than adding a set of more aggressive and taller offroad tires. You may also have a winch attached to your off road car to ensure better movement, especially when you are stuck. You will definitely need bigger off road tires when you require higher ground clearance in order to achieve steeper descent and ascent. You need enough ground clearance when you make your way through rocky forest trails, coast across the desert, slog through mud and drive over boulders.

When choosing off road tires, you shouldn’t downplay the need for proper traction. A set of tires with excellent traction will perform much better on muddy road, than typical all-season radials. Although higher traction can be seen as a secondary function for off road tires, it should be some degree of importance. When you choose taller tires, it also means that you need to ensure drastic sacrifices and changes. Upgrading one part of your offroad car may also mean upgrading another. Other than using taller tires, you can also lift the body and suspension. This should allow you to get a few additional inches of ground clearance.

One negative compromise with bigger and taller off road tires is that your car will need to handle the additional weight. Heavier tires could put extra strain to your shocks and axles. The stock gear ratio determined by the manufacturer will be altered as well. In this case, it is strongly recommended to use new performance shocks, pinion gears and rings. To counter the loss performance due to additional weights, you may need to replace computer modules, exhaust systems, intakes and any parts that can boost performance level. It can become relatively tricky to choose the proper off road sizes.

It is important to ensure that your car is able to handle large off road tires and whether the modification actually matches your car. You may consult to any authoritative guides, so you will be able to simplify the whole processes. You need to have clear understanding about the car’s specification and whether upgrades that you implement will be compatible and provide the desired results.