With the football season beginning to wrap up, it may be time to start thinking about your super bowl party. Maybe your team is actually in the play offs this year and they have a chance to get something done or maybe you are just looking for a reason to get together with a bunch of friends to have a few drinks. Whatever your reason may be, a football game lasts a long time so here are a few tips so that you are prepared to keep your guests happy.

  1. The Bigger the TV the Better

When you think about it, this is the entire reason why your friends are coming over. You will be watching the TV for almost three hours and nobody wants to squint for that long. If your TV is not suitable maybe this is your time to upgrade to that new flat screen you wanted. And if not, there are places where you can rent the perfect TV for a day. Make sure the TV you are purchasing is an HDTV and look for great service providers here to make sure you are getting the best coverage for the game.

  1. Food Makes People Happy

Food usually makes or breaks any event. This is what people are looking forward to and often times the super bowl is played during normal dinner hours so you are basically providing a meal for these people. It is nice to do the food in shifts so you do not have to prepare a million things before the games. Chips and some dip that you can keep warm in a crock pot would be a perfect idea for the first quarter or even the first half. Then some real finger foods like wings or sub sandwiches for half time. Also do not forget about the new years resolution health conscious people and buy them a veggie platter or something.

  1. The Beverages

There is not a more classic pairing than beer and football, so the super bowl should have a very special beer pairing. One cool thing to do is to get beers that correspond to actual football teams. For example: the New England Patriots could be a Sam Adams Lager. So whatever teams make it pretty deep into the play offs should have a beer that matches with their team name or comes from the region. It is a cool way to try new beers and switch it up. Whatever you decide on to drink, you should make sure that you have plenty of ice or room in the fridge to keep them cold

  1. The Entertainment

Other then the actual football game, it is nice to have other things to do during timeouts and play reviews. So you should come up with a few games, like guessing the final score or maybe a drinking game with rules that correspond to the game. Games keep everyone interested and having a good time. Make the prizes fun, like a foam finger or a cheese head.