There are some people who struggle with the decision to eat healthier simply because they think that it means they have to go without all of their favorite foods. But the reality is that if you speak to pretty much any nutritionist, they will tell you that a healthy lifestyle is about making wiser choices – not totally eliminating what you love from your routine.

Take deli food, for example. If that’s something that you enjoy, there are ways to consume it without packing on the calories in the process. If the thought of that has piqued your interest, here are five proven tips on how you can make healthy food choices while eating at your local deli.

Have half a sandwich instead of a whole one. Say that your favorite sandwich is a large roast beef one. Depending on the vegetables and condiments that you put on it, the caloric intake ranges from 600-800 calories. Something that you can do that will allow you to enjoy the experience without all of the fat and calories is to eat half instead of a whole one. It’s a smart and healthy compromise.

How To Make Healthy Food Choices When Eating At A Deli

Consider a wrap instead of bread. Bread can be quite filling, in every sense of the word. So, rather than ordering a sandwich that is made with white bread, opt for whole grain or wheat (the latter options are healthier). Better yet, change the sandwich into a wrap instead. Wraps tend to be around 100 calories per serving. Plus, you can enjoy the flavor of what’s inside of them a lot more than if you chose bread.

Keep the condiments down to a minimum. Sometimes people don’t realize that it’s not the meat or the bread that makes their deli sandwich unhealthy. It’s all of the condiments that they pack onto it. Mayonnaise and ranch dressing alone offer up as much as 150-200 calories per serving. So as you’re thinking about what to put on your sandwich, do a bit of research first. You can read more about this by going to Discover Good Nutrition and putting “condiments” in the search field.

Make fresher side choices. Whether you like going to Subway or the closest Publix Deli, there are going to be sides for your sandwich that you can choose from. Honestly, it’s best to order a cup of fresh fruit or to have a side salad. But if you really want some chips, then get a small bag and ask for baked instead of regular. That alone will save you 50 calories or more.

Go without soda. Although soda may be tempting, it’s literally like drinking a cup full of sugar. Instead, opt for some juice, half lemonade with half unsweetened tea or better yet, some water. Water is a calorie-free drink that is refreshing and beneficial in so many ways. It flushes toxins out of your body, helps to burn calories, and also keeps you hydrated. If you’re interested in knowing the other benefits of drinking water, visit Greatist and put “ways water makes you awesome” in the search field. To read more about what’s inside of soda, visit Sugar Stacks and put “how much sugar in soda” in the search field.