Soy milk is one of the foods most consumed by vegetarians and the lactose intolerant but it is also one of the most criticized drinks. In this article we share its main virtues, nutritional properties and benefits.


This drink is obtained from crushing soybeans and has become the perfect substitute for cow’s milk. Meet the main benefits that you bring to consume.

Regulates the Belly

Thanks to its abundant fiber many people improve their digestive level by consuming this milk also decreases the belly as they gradually deflate and lose volume in the abdomen. Furthermore is great to prevent constipation.

Reduces Cholesterol

It is proven that replacing animal protein in this food may reduce to 20% the rate of cholesterol; it is also excellent for blood circulation. Several doctors recommend as part of low-fat diets.

Reduce Discomfort

Drinking soy milk will help you avoid inconvenience, and you read it why? Soybeans are one of the richest plant, these structures are similar to the shape of the natural estrogens, thus occupying this space no longer produce estrogens at menopause.


Studies in countries with high levels of soy consumed have yielded a daily intake of soy reduced to 1/3 the chance of developing stomach cancer. Well thanks to its properties, stop the growth of cancer cells especially breast, prostate and uterine cancer.

Soy Milk: Benefits and Properties


You must know how and why the aforementioned benefits are obtained. So here we tell the principled properties of this delicious milk.

Source of Amino Acids

It is one of the richest drinks is amino acids that are needed for growth and development, it also makes an excellent choice for small and large however small children under 5 years is not recommended.

Rich in Vitamins

Yes, soy milk is rich in vitamins B, i.e. they provide calcium, iron and phosphorus responsible for strong and healthy bones; a great blood circulation and the perfect balance of folic acid.

It does not contain Hormones

Unlike cow’s milk, this drink contains natural or synthetic liable to impair the proper functioning of the body hormones. So it’s really a point in his favor that will make you think 2 times choosing the milk you consume.

Zero Lactose

A lot of the world’s population is lactose intolerant is why soy is the perfect alternative. It also contains sugars that help the immune system preventing them from entering your body toxic substances.

Why is it so Criticized?

It is highly criticized because consumption of this milk has caused allergies in some people however are very few case. Over time soymilk has had supporters and detractors on different benefits or disadvantages that contribute to health when consumed regularly in a balanced diet.

When Consuming?

If you start to get into the habit of drinking soy milk is very important that you take note that you must ingest 25 g per day which is equivalent to a daily glass as it could have harmful side effects. Even if you combine it with other soy products, such as supplements and fast food, could be even more damaging.

Remember that if you want to change your eating habits must find out the advantages and disadvantages and seek medical advice. But not underestimate the benefits but you do not turn a blind eye on its negative effects.