Are you selling your old mobile phone? You want to buy this latest version of iPhone but you don’t have enough money, and the best way to pull it out is an exchange offer. It consequently depends upon how much can your old mobile phone yield, because market rates are already down. The prices of smartphones are expiring very sharply, but our passion to get a grip on the latest stops at nothing. There are new games on Google Playstore that your mobile may not support, so you need the latest Lollipop version.

May be you are looking to switch the operating system from Android to iOS 8 or vice versa. Perhaps, your mobile is too fancy and you are looking for more sober communicator. Some of the rich fellas out there have no will to do the hard work, they just let the poor old ringers to rot way, which is both heartless and unwise. The problem is how to get rid of your old phone with the best deal. Now you have been to the electronic market, you know well the margin can vary greatly. So, read our guidelines carefully and stop spinning your head. We will give you pros and cons of all types of deals:

Sell My Phone for Cash in the Market

Taking your phone to resellers is a good option buy it needs certain skills.


  • It requires short time, the entire deal can be done in one session no matter how much blabbering is carried out by the both parties
  • Your phone is diagnosed in front of you, so there are no risks of crippling it
  • You are paid quick cash or an easy exchange offer
  • The price can be negotiated, if you have a huge mouth you will probably win over their commentary and win a better deal.


  • Such a dealing needs witty mind and information about market rates
  • If you don’t have much experience you may not get good money for your cellphone.
  • They can ward you off into histrionics like it may take a while to check your phone, in the end returning it with exchanged components.

Selling Online to Phone Recycling Companies

For me, the best option is to sell my phone for cash because it is safer, efficient, fair and square deal.


  • The prices are predetermined for different brands and model types so you can directly compare them on the internet.
  • You don’t have to go shop by shop and face pointless fuss.
  • Once the deal is finalized, you can get your money with various payment methods available.
  • Some companies determine the value of your old phone by letting you enter phone network and IMEI number in your submission form, but the final price will be decided after the complete assay of your mobile device.


  • There is a plenty of waiting involved.
  • You have to mail your phone at the company’s address (some company offer free posting services) and if you are not satisfied with the offer, it takes few days more to get it back, so the selling process is slowed down on the whole.
  • Once the rate is finalized there is no negotiation, so your spoken skills are useless here.

There you go, now you know how to get the best deal out of your old mobile phone. As you might have realised buying a new mobile is easy, selling it isn’t. In the end, it is up to you which way do you want to go.