Be it the normal arthritis that is developed with growing age or the one that develops early due to genetics, the pain in the bones and joints and its effect on mobility not only disrupts the normal life but also demotivates and breaks the confidence of the patient. The major reason why arthritis is so majorly widespread now is due to the effect of the modern sedentary lifestyle and not so healthy eating habits. With an impact on the bone density and the overall health, development of arthritis is majorly attributed to a later stage of age growth in life. Whereas there may be other cases also.

Early stages of the illness are mild and do not need much medical caution but later stages of the disease make the body dependant on high dosage and heavy medication which is effective in easing the pain but eventually lends a lot of other side effects that do the body more harm than good. This is why it is best to resort to natural and safer ways to treat the pain such that a long term usage may also not prove harmful.

How To Get Rid Of Arthritis Pain At Home

There are various home remedies for arthritis pain that have been tried and tested for relieving the pain. Some of the most effective ones are:

  • Lose weight: Excessive weight on the bones to support naturally means more pain. This is why losing weight is the easiest way to relieve a major portion of the pain. However, it needs to be taken care that the weight has to be lost gradually and with healthy ways. Crashing on a diet is not recommended.
  • Add turmeric: Turmeric has known to have the best anti-inflammatory and reduces pain. This is why a regular turmeric intake reduces the pain and inflammation and this is why turmeric is a natural treatment for all the bones and joint aches.
  • Avocado and Soybean when combined together have the best remedy for the treatment of arthritis no matter what the reason.
  • Capsaicin is the element that gives the red chilli peppers their heat and it is this element that gives the relief from the pain in this disease.
  • Herbal supplements have also proven to be very beneficial in the treatment of this condition. This is why a good herbal supplement is also recommended.

Apart from this a good hot compress or a cold compress can do wonders for the condition. The major reason why arthritis causes a disruption in life is because of the intensity of discomfort that is caused by the pain. And a compress can immediately control it.

While home remedies for pain may be simple and effective, the underlying factors that help in alleviating the condition remain the same. Healthy food, lesser fat and increased exercise are a must for those suffering from arthritis. It is also essential to note that exercise has to be to keep the body in good function and should not tire you out. In case you feel weak, a small walk around the house.