There are several people you see with teeth which are not properly aligned or crooked and you don’t know what to refer this as. It is referred to as malocclusion. Malocclusion is having teeth which are not in line or in their desired position. Special dentists in Houston who are called orthodontists are trained to handle malocclusion. The orthodontists have several devices and methods which they use to move either the teeth or jaw in their required positions.

Common types of malocclusion include:

  – An open bite – this is when there is a space between the upper and lower teeth.

  – An overbite – Here, only the upper teeth protrude.

  – Crowded, overlapped and protruding teeth.

  – A bite where the upper teeth come behind the lower teeth.

According to the dentists, there are no very many causes of malocclusion. Some of the most common causes are:

  – Having a small mouth causing the teeth to crowd and shift.

  – Malformed upper and lower jaw or jaws which aren’t of the same size.

  – Inheritance of bent teeth, overbites, and under-bites.

  – Early loss of adults and baby teeth, mouth tumors, improper fit of dental restoration, and oral health problems in children.

Even though there are no many visible symptoms of the disorder, dentists in Houston say that having unaligned teeth which stick out is the major symptom. Most people take this as a superficial problem but at times it may be severe.

Malocclusion has got several effects on different people. The teeth can; interfere with chewing, cause strain on the teeth, muscles and jaws thus making tooth breakage easier, make teeth cleaning more difficult thus increasing the risk of tooth decay and cavities and it makes some people think negatively about their appearance.

It is particularly important to visit a dentist immediately you notice any symptom of malocclusion. Generally for children, the first visit to the dentist should occur in the early stages of life preferably before the child begins school. From here, the dentist will be able to monitor the tooth development and recommend the services of the orthodontist where needed. Remember an orthodontist can only start dealing with the teeth when the child’s permanent teeth are in place. It is recommended that the process can begin at the age of 12.

Most of the people fear visiting the dentist or orthodontist because they fear that it will be a painful procedure. Dentist in Houston assures that the process is not painful as it will only entail fitting of braces in the mouth. Dental researchers have come up with appliances which are not easily noticeable than the metal bracelets which are mostly used by older people.

An appliance is fitted to the selected teeth using metal, plastic bands or special glue. The appliance is adjusted after 4 to 6 weeks so as to move the teeth to the desired positions. Even though crooked teeth are not dangerous, it is better to consult dentists in Houston for earlier remedies to malocclusion and malocclusion related problems.