The importance of quality office furniture shouldn’t be overlooked. You need to ensure your offices look stylish and professional, yet your employees need to feel comfortable in their working environment too. If you have shabby furniture this will reflect badly on your company’s image and reputation. Furthermore, if your employees are working at crammed desks and sitting on uncomfortable chairs, their productivity levels will slide.

The key to finding quality office furniture is finding the best company to purchase it from. Thus, read on to discover how to find the best office furniture suppliers for your business…

Read reviews left by previous customers

The best way to gain an insight into the quality of a company and their products is by discovering what previous customers think. Here’s why…

  • Honest opinion: If a client has been unhappy with their purchases, they will feel inclined to warn people not to use the supplier. They have no reason to try and encourage you otherwise.
  • The information you really want to know: Those leaving the reviews were in your position once; trying to find the best office furniture suppliers. They will tell you the information you really want to know, rather than feed you a sales pitch as the company would.


Nevertheless, when considering testimonials it’s important to be savvy with your judgement as there are two different types of reviews…

  • Company inputs the reviews: Somebusinesses manually place the reviews on their website themselves, meaning they decide what reviews to display.
  • An outside review website is used: Some businesses use an outside review company, such as Trust Pilot or Testimonial Monkey, and therefore they have no control over the feedback left.

You should be much more inclined to trust those companies who use the latter review method. This is because you know they’re genuine. If you opt for those who manually input reviews, how do you know they haven’t just selected the good reviews when the majority of the response has really been negative? In fact, how do you know that the reviews are even authentic?

Analysing the furniture they have on offer

The most important thing about any supplier is the products they sell. Here’s what you should be looking out for…

  • Vast selection: When you find an office furniture supplier you’re happy with, you’re going to want to use them continuously. You don’t want to find a new supplier every time you need a new product. Therefore, ensuring the company sells a huge scope of furniture is essential so they can cater to all of your needs.
  • Price variation: Quality office supply companies recognise they’re dealing with varying businesses; from small start-ups to big conglomerates. Therefore they recognise financial situations differ dramatically. Small start-ups may be seeking the best bargain, whilst established companies may be more concerned with style and comfort. The price range should reflect all needs.
  • Quality:You need to be certain the furniture is comfortable and long-lasting. But how can you be sure without seeing it? Great companies divulge ample information on their products. They’ll explain the dynamics of the furniture and the technology used to ensure it’s better than the rest.

Contactable and friendly staff

And finally, buying office furniture encompasses much more than merely finding the nicest looking desk or the most comfortable chair. It involves extensive space planning and brand strategy. The suppliermust be easily contactable and ready to answer any queries you have so to help you make the best purchase possible. After all, office furniture suppliers recognise they’re dealing with businesses specifically, and thus it’s their duty to provide a thorough service.

Author bio – Leanne Reid is a qualified business journalist. She used Furniture At Work as a resource for this article, use this website to get more information on office furniture suppliers.