Last month’s London 3D Print Show clearly demonstrated the future of printing technology and the show has become a huge success as a showcase for both technology and creative artists using new techniques. While it may be tempting to print your own materials, to get the best possible results it is a better idea to go to a professional printer. Listed below are five reasons to go to a professional printing company instead of undertaking the work yourself.

It will Save you Time

A professional printing company that specialises in the printing of promotional material can get the job done much quicker and more efficiently than you ever could. They are better prepared if things go wrong and they can remedy any issues quicker than you can. They are also equipped to deal with a high-volume print run.

If you are starting a business in London or currently run a business, you don’t want to be weighted down with print runs, let the local professionals do it for you.

Why You Should Use A Professional Printer

It will Save you Money

A professional printer will save you money.  This is vital if you are starting a business and are looking to keep expenses down.  Printing materials such as coloured ink and high-quality printing paper can be expensive to buy and if you need to print hundreds or thousands of leaflets then it is far more cost effective to go to a printing firm. Using a printing firm can help you save vital costs as you start your business and as it starts to grow.

You’ll get Professional Results

While there are many good printers available they don’t have always deliver the quality that you need. A poorly printed, badly put together leaflet will give a poor first impression of your company, which could affect the response you get to your leaflet campaign.

Moreover, a professional printing company are able to correct any issues with a print run easier than you can so if something should go wrong at the last minute, and the design doesn’t go quite as it should, then they can easily correct it for you.

Technical Problems

Regular printers aren’t designed for large print runs, which means that your printer could either grind to a halt or the print quality could become increasingly poorer as the print goes on. Some printers are also prone to smudging or causing other errors on your otherwise well-designed leaflet. A professional designer can help avoid the stress of all of this and allow you to concentrate on the other important aspects of your business.

Superior Quality

People really can tell the difference between a professionally printed leaflet and one that has been designed at home on a printer. If you are promoting a business then you’ll want to give the best possible impression to your potential customers and that includes well–presented promotional materials.

Leaflet printing in London

There are more than 800,000 private sector businesses in London. Self-promotion plays an important role in getting people aware of their businesses and leaflet printing is one of the most affordable ways of raising awareness of a new or existing business and of helping it to grow.