Every boss, regardless of profession and rank, deserves wishes to have a happy holiday. You may dislike your boss as a boss, but think of them as a person. You would want someone to think of you the same when the holidays roll around, so pay it forward. And, in case you are stuck on how to say it, here are 4 ways to wish your boss a happy holiday.

Invite Them to a Holiday Celebration

Bosses rarely get invited to holiday celebrations in the workplace. Their rank and obligations keeps them exempt from the usual workplace parties, since employees often forget, or neglect, to invite a boss. However, you can change that with a single call. Buzz your boss to ask them to join your holiday celebration. You never know, but a boss after hours could be one heck of a great friend.

Send an Upscale Gift Basket

When you hear the word upscale, think decadent chocolates, fresh fruits, crisp crackers, and delicious cheeses. These kinds of gift baskets are the epitome of fresh and gorgeous—perfect for giving your boss a holiday treat. Don’t forget to fill out the message card with your positive thoughts and well wishes.

Opt for a Sincere Card that Says It All

And get everyone to sign it! Bosses are happiest when they know someone, mainly their employees, are appreciative of the work they do. They want you to like working for them. So, make a sincere card that says your well wishes for a happy holiday, then ask all of the employees to sign it. Better yet, they can all include little messages.

Take an Interest in Their Interests

Does your boss rave about high-tech gadgets, like mastercam software? Or, does your boss take more of an interest in old-school folders and chalkboards? For a moment, think about what your boss loves, and run with it. Take an interest in their interests. That way you can talk to them after your holiday well wishes. It eliminates the awkwardness of a drop-off conversation, while showing your boss another side of their employee.

Bosses are often overlooked before of their ranks in a business. Employees would rather go home or out with work friends, which rarely includes a boss. However, bosses are people too, and they love to have fun and celebrate the holidays as much as you do. Keep these wishful ways in mind for your boss when the holidays roll around.