There are those among us whose highest point of the year is that single holiday trip to some Asian country, or a ski vacation somewhere in the French Alps. And for them, the smartest thing to do is getting a single trip travel insurance coverage, not the annual one, for protection. While a cheap or very inexpensive insurance may generally be an attractive proposition, it ceases being good the moment the insurer compromises certain features. The following reminders should help you decide which insurance package is good for you.

Find a Trustworthy Insurance Provider


It is a common fact on the internet that there are unscrupulous individuals that sometimes pose as single trip travel insurance providers in order to cash in on the seasonal arrival of tourists, only to disappear when a client makes a claim. However, the internet’s greatest bane can also be its boon: you can also use it to research on the background, track record, or general feedback about any insurance provider. An insurer that has proven itself to deliver on its promises should always be your bet even if its rates are a bit higher. However, that does not mean expensive is tantamount to good: there are some insurance providers that offer coverage at rates lower than their competitors without having to compromise the quality. Also, some companies give incentives to those who book online.

Know your Priorities

Usually, folks prioritise finding the right holiday vacation promo or the cheapest airline ticket and relegate the matter of buying a single trip travel insurance package far at the end of the line. This should not be: insurance should be right there on the upper shelf of your priorities when travelling, especially due to the simple fact that insurance coverage is time-sensitive—it takes effect the day you purchase it. Hence, it will start protecting you even as you still slog along in planning your travel and protects you in the event of a cancellation. If you are not protected and the holiday vacation you’ve booked is cancelled, then you would have paid for nothing or you might have a difficult time figuring out how to get a refund. See the picture? That’s the reason why even at the start of all the planning, purchasing the right travel insurance should be settled before things get any deeper.

Familiarise with the Terms

Different single trip travel insurance policies have different terms, if only with the less obvious aspects of insurance coverage. Finding a good one that fits your needs like a glove depends on our previous section concerning trustworthy insurance providers. Typically, such an insurance policy comes in three major types: for individuals, for couples, and for the entire family. There are insurers, such as Insuremore, that provides free coverage for an unlimited number of children in the travelling party if you get the family travel insurance. These little perks, sometimes embedded in the terms and conditions, should help you decide whether or not an insurance package is right for you.