We know you, as a Piteda community member, care deeply about the well-being of you and your loved ones. Food is the foundation of excellent health. We know you are making efforts to improve your diet, but sometimes it’s hard to bring your loved ones along with you. How can you make sure they consistently improve their diet?

It’s easy to advise someone to buy something or do something, but much more difficult to enable them to succeed. For years I have talked to my dad about losing weight. As a retired truck driver, he primarily subsisted on candy bars and fast food for over two decades. His health has suffered as a result. I could not understand why he was not convinced by my arguments. He seemed to agree with me: “Yes, organic and fresh was preferable over highly processed and preserved”; “Sure, a microwaved TV dinner is not necessarily the best for me”; “Fine, eating fast food for breakfast washed down with an extra large soft drink is detrimental to my health.” But no matter how our conversations went, little action took place.

How To Ensure Your Loved Ones’ Well-being Through Food

Change finally came in the form of a gift. When I finally took the time to put my words into action, my dad began changing his diet. Instead of simply talking about good food, referring him to articles, or buying him books, I bought him apples, pears, non-synthetic cheeses, non-preserved meats. My dad began taking an interest in the great tastes he was experiencing. For a Midwesterner, food was about comfort- he often explained his dietary choices as, “I know it’s not good for me, but it’s ‘comfort food.’” Well now I had found a way to get him his comfort food and better nutrition.

You can’t always go to the store to buy for someone what they need. Instead, using the internet, you can send them the gift of health. By sending my dad a Harry & David Fruit Club basket, I am able to keep providing my dad easy access to the better nutrition he needs. This is his gateway food. He is seeing the light. If you think fresh food is more expensive than microwave food, think again. Trying a Groupon coupon for your first club purchase gets you 20% off and free shipping.

If you want to ensure your loved one’s well-being, consider sending the gift of healthy food. It’s hard to make a change for the better, much harder than going through a drive-thru. But, with your help of a regular delivery of fresh food, your loved one will have a much easier time improving their health and well-being.