UFC 192 saw one of its best fights of the year with Daniel Cormier winning against Alexander Gustafsson in Houston. The fight is remarked as the best fight of the year and was said to be the fight of “New Blood”. Not only this, there were many headlines making news such as Reebok sponsorship deal, payouts to the fighters, injuries that keep fighters in and out the octagon and many more. Let’s have a glimpse of the facts that make UFC 192 a hot topic in the MMA community.

What Makes UFC 192 A Hot Topic In The MMA Community

1. The Light Heavyweight Champion

Daniel Cormier became the light heavyweight champion giving smashing defeat to the Alexander Gustafsson. Although Alexander Gustafsson gave him a tough fight, but still lost it, giving the  title to Daniel Cormier. The fight was said to be the best fight of the year. Now, UFC 192 was declared as,”it is all about new blood”.

2. Happy Days Have Come

The time has come; Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters will now get the monthly salaries. Earlier they were paid only for the fights, but now will be paid in accordance to their total number of UFC bouts. Along with the tenure-based salaries, fighters will receive their continuing royalty.  This will help fighters in their times of injury as they will be earning and will continue to be able to pay their bills and other expenses with much more ease and comfort.

3. “Reebok”-The Ultimate Winner

Octagon will be shinning with the Reebok branded uniforms. Knocking out all the other brands, now fighters will wear Reebok sponsored uniforms only. The Reebok deal has got some mixed reviews.  Although fighters are still allowed to have sponsors to accessorize their sports income, but during the fight week no other brand is allowed inside or around the octagon. As a result, it will be useless for numerous sponsors paying for exposure, as they will not be getting it.

4. Injury – Part and Parcel of Game

Injuries and infections are part of the game.  On 2 October 2015, John Hendricks had to be rushed to the hospital because of the problems related to his weight cut and is treated with intestine and kidney blockage.  Broken jaws, torn legs were just the other day stories.  Health and hygiene are very important to all the fighters.  It is tough to protect yourself from bacteria, fungi, and viruses during the training sessions.  The only way to stay disinfected is to stay clean.  The fighters are often advised to add natural soap bar treat skin infection to their priority list as it will help them in saving themselves from contagious infections.

5. The Hit-and Run Case

The famous UFC 192 fighter Jon Jones is registered as a culprit in the hit and run case in New Mexico. On 27 April 2015, the police was on lookout for him with regard to an accident he was alleged to be involved in. According to the onlookers, he left an injured pregnant woman behind and fled the scene. After he tweeted. “Got a lot of soul searching to do. Sorry to everyone I’ve let down,” he was stripped of his title and was suspended for indefinite time. He pleaded guilty on September 2015 and was jailed for 18 months of supervised probation. After this incident, his career is definitely in danger.

UFC 192 is the hot topic of the MMA community and is still maintaining its same position with the upcoming fights and other news.