The homecoming dance is a right-of-passage for many high school students and the pressure can be on to looks your best. From searching a head-turning dress to selecting the perfect hairstyle, there are many factors to think of to guarantee you look best and glamorous at your homecoming. You must begin planning your beauty regimen several weeks ahead of the dance to avoid last-minute stresses and panics.


Healthy Diet

You include more fruits, vegetables and water into your diet. A healthy diet is reflected in hair and skin and making a few changes several weeks before the dance should really pay off. Aim to drink about 8 glasses of water a day to improve the brightness and clarity of your skin.

Homecoming Dress

Be smart when selecting your homecoming dress, you must make sure it complements your figure and shape. If you have great legs, flaunt it by going with a cocktail or fitted number.

Emphasize a small middle with a cinched-in waist and flared skirt. For those with great upper arms, a strapless or one-shouldered gown will highlight your best bits. Do not blindly follow fashion but select a white puffy gown that suits your personality and what will make you comfortable on the entire night.


Pick accessories to match your gown. Bangles, drop earrings or a statement cocktail ring can really bring a plain gown to life. Select heels to match your dress. If they are new or particularly high, you must start practicing walking around the house to get used to them and break them in.

Hair Style

You have to experiment with different hair ideas. If your gown is strapless, wear your hair wavy and loose if you would like to feel more covered up. For a backless gown, a low, side chignon will draw attention to the detail at the back of your dress. If you will be having your hair professionally styled, you can check out magazine images of hairstyles you love to wear and book rehearsal at the salon to make sure you are happy with the look.


Then, you must decide how you would like to wear your makeup. You can have a smoky eye makeup or a bold lip color but not both together. Remember, it is best to choose long-lasting makeup products that are designed to have staying power for the entire evening. Get together with friends to try out your looks so that you can swap tips and ideas and offer advice and honest opinions.

Good Night Sleep

Last but not the least; you must get a good night sleep the evening before the dance. Not only will plenty of sleep stop disturbing dark circles under the eyes, it is very important for the skin to repair it and remain healthy-looking while you pose for the flash of the cameras.