For many young girls and teenagers, winning the title of homecoming queen is the crowing event for high school. If you look at the girls who win this title, you can find some common traits and ideas. With careful planning, you can increase your chance at winning the election and the title of homecoming queen.

Compared to winter formal and prom, homecoming is one of the less-formal dances traditional to North American high schools. The semi-formal style means that fancy features such as trains, ruffles and other lavish embellishments are often passed up, in favor of fun, more-relaxed styles.


Strapless dresses are a common choice for the homecoming dances. The style can be cut straight across the top, or dip inward at the middle to create a sweetheart neckline. As strapless necklines leave a lot of skin exposed, they are often balanced out with a slightly longer hemline.


Halter necks are a very popular sense of fashion on homecoming dresses, whether they are high-neck halters or cut straight across with V-straps that extend from the center and tie around the neck. High-neck halters are often highlighted on dresses with short hemlines to balance out how much skin is showing.


Homecoming dresses that expose one shoulder to add a touch of glamour and celebrity-like status to the semi-formal style create a look that it exquisite, sexy and sophisticated. Some of the off-shoulder dresses features the fabric draped loosely over one shoulder, while others have a thinner strap that leaves more of the shoulder bare.

Cinched Waist

Homecoming dresses are often cinched at the natural waist or have an empire waist design. The waist is often embellished with a cumberbund, bow, ribbon or corset.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones such as emerald green, topaz, amethyst and ruby red are some of the most popular colors for homecoming dresses. Jewel tones suit the semi-formal style of homecoming, as they’re somewhere between the high formality of black or white and have the casual nature of earth tones.

Sparkle and Shine

Some girls want sparkle and shine dresses for the evening. These shiny metallic fabric and fabrics that include sequins always offer glitz and glamour as well as a huge impact on the entrance like red prom dresses. Satin is also a popular fabric for homecoming fashions as it gives the garment a shiny sheen.