Mergers and acquisition is known to be one of the things that are running the industries these days, as that’s the need of current times.

With crumbling economy and increase in competition, now it is all about surviving and beating the competitor in every possible way.

We sure have witnessed a good number of mergers of different companies that has been going on these days,

as we heard that AVAST is acquiring Droid Security completely, which would give it a grasp over the entire android device market,

hence allowing them to expand their scope, and similar things are going for Intel and McAfee.


McAfee is known to be one of the leading antivirus software developing companies which are now acquired by Intel,

which is known as the Techno Giant of this era, and has been leading this industry for more than two decades.

Intel acquired McAfee for $7.7 billion, which is surely too much! Intel has literally showed its rest of the competitors that how strong they are,

and they can take such type of big leaps in order to remain on top.

Will the New Products of Intel be Named under Intel?

Now this is the new strategy that they would be looking into, as McAfee will continue to develop and sell its antivirus and security software under its own banner,

as McAfee is already a well established name in this industry, and by working together they are sure to bring even better way to bringing down security threats, and in the ways that no one has ever adopted so far.

This thing is surely going to give an extra edge, as McAfee’s market will reach new bounds and more and more people will be interested in being the part of it.

Are there any Risks Involved?

Every big decision and mergers comes up with new risks, as Intel might be changing the launching pattern of its products and services.

This is one of the things that might trouble the company,

as Intel has a very little experience in antivirus software development and selling,

so their advertisement mode might affect the sale of the company’s products and services, especially if Intel became way much nosy in McAfee’s business.

Besides that, if McAfee didn’t give out expected or desired results in its first half than Intel will surely be disappointed,

as they might think that they have made wrong investment, and they might do something foolish in haste, therefore it is important that Intel Inc.

should give McAfee a little more time to reap its expected fruits out of it, as Intel will surely be looking forward towards making double out of what they have invested in this acquisition.

One thing is for sure that, McAfee and Intel are going to come up with extra ordinary product that is going to beat down their competitors in every possible way,

however it is also very important that the McAfee product’s price should also be right as not many would be interested in buying McAfee if the price is higher than usual.

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