It is quite clear that many families are seriously affected by various health problems. Obesity has reached an epidemic proportion and the incidence is already at a shocking rate. When you walk on the road, you may find it easier to find overweight people, than those with ideal body weight. The cause of obesity is very simple, people could move too little or eat too much. In many societies, tasty foods can be obtained at affordable process and eating can be seen as an enjoyment and recreation, instead of a simple necessity to nourish ourselves. Being fat can make our lives really miserable.

Many people with weight problem could testify that their situation can be painful and lonely. In reality, obesity will not only cause mental problems, it could also kill us. The incidence of degenerative diseases caused by weight problems have been doubled in some cases. We very rarely see overweight people able reach old age. Children gain more pounds, because they are many exciting activities that they can find indoor. They are more reluctant to run and jump, by playing outside. Overweight students are more likely to get bullied, causing them to have behavioural and emotional problems.

The poor social situation causes them to eat more and they don’t have any motivation to exercise. In reality, if children are overweight, it’s probably the parents’ faults. They may have a habit of eating too much junk food. They also have sedentary lifestyle that causes them to sit all day. It doesn’t take an exhaustive study to know that there’s a strong correlation between the amount of time spent in front of TV and our health conditions. Just like eating, having ample physical exercise is easy enough. Instead of buying expensive gaming console and mobile devices, you can invest on weights and treadmills.

 Unfortunately, we are living in a society where food can be obtained very easily. It can be obtained not only in market and restaurants, but also football games, train stations and movie theatres. We have been bombarded with glossy magazines, junk mail, billboards and TV ads that offer us low cost food deals. For many families, maternal education is essential to prevent obesity and overweight problems among children. Parents have a fuill power to make their children active, happy and healthy instead of being miserable and fat. In this situation, it is important for parents to ensure that they lead by example. It is not a good thing if children tuck in a huge wad of snacks into their pocket without restraint.

Before focusing on weight loss issues, it is important that the family is already at the straight path in maintaining healthy life. First of all, you need to remove junk food from the equitation. You should be aware that junk food has no real nutritional value. You will get only saturated fat, cholesterols and huge amount of calories. Parents should be creative in choosing fruit- and vegetable-based food that is very tasty and appealing.